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Some Track'in Video's

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OK guys ... I've been play'in with this all freak'in morning ... & my poor bald head hurts .... but lets see if this works.

BW & GW ... let me know if this does work, if this isn't the place to post'em. :hello:

This is in Photobucket ... there are two video's. Not the best perhaps ... it's only a 5 MP digital camera about 5 yrs old.

If they videos' do show up ... the sun was out & they are kinda "white" ... I'm gonna have to figure out to correct that ... if I can ....

OK ... here's the link, lets see what happens

Later ....
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Well .......... HELL YEAH !!! :cheer2: :cold: :cheer2: :cold:

I wish we had video of the entire day ... cause since there was two of this time ... we were try'in all sorts of stuff .... climb'in hills, go'in thru gullies ... it was just a freak'in blast. Maybe next time, I'll plan it take as much video as possible .... but sometimes, it pretty difficult to get the thumb off the throttle long enough to take a piss ... let alone take video's !!! :cheer:

Later ...

I know exactly what you mean. I have 3 grand worth of video gear when I go out and it seldom gets taken out of the case.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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