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I thought I'd post a poll to see what some of you guys would do if you were in the market for a 750 - 800 class Utility ATV.

No I'm not listing Yamaha. Why? They don't have a 750 - 800 class ATV and they're too expensive. Simple as that. (And they always win every poll. 8))

So feel free to cast a vote and express your hearts desire.

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Thanks for the responses. I knew their would be at least one reference to a grizz. Don't misunderstand me, I love Yamaha. They have a well balanced machine BUT am I wrong in thinking that for $8,000 - $8,500 a man should get more than 686cc's? It seems ridiculous to buy a 700 class ATV for the same price you would buy a 800 class ATV for. Feel free to elaborate on why it makes sense to do that, because I just can't see it.

Great post Explorer, however, I have to correct the price of the Can-Am. BRP Site list the MSRP as $8,949USD. Click here for the 800R page. Anyway's, I can see the auto 4x4 system being cool but I have that nagging fear of it in the back of my mind. To me that screams "Hey! I'm a fast trail quad!" I'm more in the market for a working quad that I can get some fun out of too. I could be completely off my rocker being pariniod of an auto enguaging 4x4...but am I? Another thing the with Polaris is the weight. How much of those extra cc's are consumed just lugging that monster around? And to touch on reliability, I think Yamaha and Honda would win the votes all day. I'm the kind of guy, though, that takes very good care of my equipment. Some people accuse me of having OCD. I call it respecting the dollar that I have earned. If you ever see me in a big mud hole....stop me and take the beer out of my hand because that just isn't the kind of riding I call fun (on a quad).

Oh yeah...GDub...I really don't know what I want this time. :dontknow:
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explorer said:
I didn't intend to infer that anything BG said was out of line. I was simply sharing my thoughts about his thoughts. He made some very good points and I was simpky continuing the discussion. Sorry if my post came across as anything but friendly.
This is the qoutinest thread ever man! :icon_thumleft: If you quote a quote that was quoted by another quote, would you still be quoting? LOL. Dude your post was fine. I enjoyed reading your responses.

desertrat said:
OIC.. ok.. now it makes sense to me..
I wasnt trying to be out of line either but I couldnt understand why you would post all his replies, but now I do...
I guess I should look closer before I speak.. A problem I have had for many years.. lol
They make medicine for that. :laughing4: LOL Just kidding.

LMAO. In all seriousness; Gdub suggested that my mind was already made up. But in all honesty it really isn't. The final decision will be made after riding the top contenders. As of right now this minute I'm really leaning toward the Brute. Why? V-Twin power :headbang:, manual 4x4 select. Decent reputation. My second pick right now is leaning at the Outty. I just can't get past that seemingly tiny frame and the Viscoloc 4x4 scares me a little. I've seen videos of this system failing miserably. And for the highest price tag, it should not spark such fear in the eye of the consumer. I haven't enough research to narrow down to the third choice.

If I could just buy one of each! Common lottery! ::)
Make no mistake, I will get the quad I want. I was just curious as to what others would get and why. When you start off not having a clue as to what you want, listening to the opinions of others can help tremendously.

And sense all eyes are on me now for my decison I should make it known that I have been known to take a very long time to make a decision.

Thanks to all who have posted (or quoted) and anyone else feel free to chime in.
Bman, I was secretly waiting for 3TV to post something here 8). I have talked to him about the gade and how he thought the outty would perform based on his experince with the gade. The gade and outty are pretty much the same quad minus plastics, suspension, and tires/wheels, and price (with the R models of course).

I know if I were to get a Gade, it would never get used to it's full potentional. There is more of a chance of that with a true utilitarian. <--- Is that a real word?
Well folks. I went to the closest Can-Am dealership and low and behold they have a test track. Now I didn't get to drive a brand new outy, but they gave me a controlled ride on a demo outy 800r. Basically, a fella drove around in front of me to "control" the ride and demo the capabilities of the quad.

I have briefly tested an 08 GadeX 800 so I was aware of the raw power beneath the seat, but I was completely new to the outy. This machine just felt right to me. I was extremely comfortable. The engine braking was incredible, the handling was comfy, the power, don't have to yank on the bars AT ALL to get the front end up. Just like its sporty counterpart, the Renegade, the outy boast a very sporty pep but the outy has enough rack space to call it a utility.

I think I'm sold. Now I just have to sell my wife on the transaction. :confused1:

Click here for a good read on the 09 upgrades
I love those renegades! The Outtys don't really do anything for me. But the gades are sweet! A Gade X would be perfect for me. The frame is the only thing that scares me.
Yes, I agree Mack, the GadeX is one bad machine. Its looks are stellar and its performance is wicked. I can see you on one. lol

However, I'm going to defend the outy's looks a bit. I don't see how anyone (except an sport rider) would say they "don't do anything for them". The new 09's have redone the front plastics a tad and put a new decal scheme (which is reportedly beefier). Check em out. Red, just for you.

I am trying to get my hands on the camo version. (I found one last night in PA) If I can get the logistics to work out, I may end up with a outy. Don't flame me. :violent5:

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Now why did you have to go and post a picture of it? :angry5: I mean common. I'm trying to forget about those things! :violent1:
Ok how about a KFX 700? I should have my grubby paws on one next summer. :brave: was nice knowing you I guess. :hello:

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