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Sunday I went for my first snow ride of the year. Our clubs trail administrator and I went out to cut some downed trees off of our trail system. Upon arrival at the tree we were at enough elevation for there tobe a dusting on the ground. Despite telling my wife "I'll be right back", we headed up into the hills for deeper snow. Once at the height of our trail system there was 3-4" of snow. After three hours of slipping sliding and laughing my heated grips quit (again) and it was time to head home. Yesterday we got three inches of snow in town and my thoughts have been on nothing but another ride. I'm going to find someone who wants a quick ride before the family shows up for Thanksgiving and head out. If this year keeps on like this, it could be time for me to get tracks! Snow riding is the best!
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x2...I'd like to make it there. :eek:ccasion14:
Sounds great! Will we have to be registered in NH though?
Thank you for the offer. There's no doubt in my mind the trails are worth it! I'm hoping to ride in ME and NH a lot this year. Especially now with testing products, I need to pack on the miles...and that's a good thing! :toothy10:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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