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Snow board and snowboard stuff

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Up for sale is my NITRO, Pantera wide snowboard. it is 62 cm and is the wide series for people with big feet. it has RAIDEN, Phantom bindings mounted on it.
also DC, Judge boots. size 13. Daikine snowboard bag. Spy, Orbit goggles, Dakine waxing iron, wax, scraper etc.. pretty much all you need. im not sure how much i have invested but i kno its WELL over $1000 dollars. i used this board for 1 season in Pa. and just found out i have a little one on the way so im selling non necessary toys. thanks
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Congrats on the lil one. I must ask you to post your price and location though.

price n location

i live in colver, pa. 15927. $800.00
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