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Does anyone know if anyone makes a snorkel kit for the 1998 Grizz 600
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Due to the age of that machine, I doubt you will find anything currently in production. You should be able to build one yourself fairly easy though.
You should be able to build one for less than you could buy one (if it were available).
no one makes a kit for our bike
like they said just do it your self thers bikes are a little difficult to snorkle and make them look good tho due to the engine takes up so much space on the frame
I did a quick search & couldn't find anything for a 600 ... :dontknow:

However, here's a web site that has some photo's of a snorkle kit on a 660 for ya to look at & maybe help ya in designing yer own .... hope it helps ... :eek:ccasion14:

Later ....
Performance ATV Parts sells a pretty nice looking setup for a 660 and 700. I don't see anything for a 600 but you could give them a buzz. We're about to have a snorkel for a 700 from them to review on MaxMud's machine so once we get it in, we'll be able to have more info from you.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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