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snorkel question

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I have heard many times about how not to snorkel your grizzly unless you expect to lose some power. I have plans to use two 2" intakes into my airbox. I dont see how it is possible for it to not get as much air as stock. If anything i would think it would get more over stock. Any opinions? Any programming needed for snorkels? I dont think you would have to.
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Well, the longer the snorkel and I.D. of the tube will be the deciding factor on the effect it has on your over all intake. We are talking volume, or in a better sense, cubic units. Call it what ever you want, but bottom line, the taller the snorkel the longer distance it takes to move one unit an inch. This go's for air volume also, a longer skinny snorkel tube is going to restrict air making you machines air to fuel ration richer cause the restriction of fresh oxygen.

Some air boxes are fairly restrictive anyway so this really helps. The Grizzly airbox actually breathes fairly well.

Depending on your applications, there are many pros vs. cons when it comes to snorkeling, I thing you will be fine.

Good luck, take plenty of pictures for us to see.
i Got a good power gain from using 2 2" snorkles, my brother cut 2 2" holes in his airbox and sealed the original hole up, he said he got a really good gain power... these are on 700 grizzlies

I know this is an old thread, but I did a snorkel on my 700 and yes, i did loose a little power. I was burning lean when I bought it. Changed tire size and air intake with the snorkel and now it runs a little rich. I think snorkeling will give you slightly less air. It's not terrible, but I did notice it and had to make some fuel adjustments. Good luck.
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