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Smith Optics Turbo Option OTG Goggles

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For the riders that wear glasses, it can be hard to find goggles that fit, and work without fogging your glasses under the goggles. Ive been looking for a solution (other then contacts\eye surgery\crossover full face helm). I came across these goggles from a friend that recommended me them, his friend wears glasses and has the same pair, and hasnt had a single problem with them. So I ordered them, being the cheaper fix to the problem, and these goggles do work! Has a micro fan above the front that draws air out the top, and fresh air threw the bottom, keeping your glasses from fogging. The motor has 2 speed settings. These goggles are made for eye glass wearers, so the inside face foam is slightly bigger, allowing even pretty large frame glasses to fit underneath them comfortably. The fan is powered by a single AAA battery, so there isnt much heft to them, and battery life is a estimated 50 hours. Overall, these have to be one of my better buys. I would highly recommend these to any eye glass wearers that havent found the right pair of goggles. They are a little on the pricey side, but you are buying a quality product with a lifetime defect warrantee.

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Nice find and great write up! I too wear glasses and I'm always looking for something better.
I'm with Heritage. I've been eyeing these for the same reasons. I can't find a goggle I don't fog up. These may be the ticket.
I don't wear glasses but I still have problems racing and on the trail of my goggles fogging up. Mostly in colder weather and bottleneck stops on the track. I think this would be a great product for any trail rider or racer. Great write up.
Well gents, if you think it's bad when you're not wearing eye glasses, imagine the problem being about 2x's worse. This is one of the curses of wearing glasses.
I almost purchased these (see attached image) before I went to iraq, but never did. Wish I had. These goggles are the same thing but made for other purposes and made by ESS. It has a two speed fan that draws air in the bottom and forces out of the top.


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You guys are going to make me buy these aren't you? The Army issued me some really good anti-fog stuff, but man you have to apply that stuff very frequently and it smells like buck lure!!!

That's the problem Gunny! I spend too much money as it is! I just bought the outy ($10,000 give or take), just bought ANOTHER camera, just bought an Air Nailer, and that is in the last month! (I know there is something else in there somewhere)
No...I really do want to try these. The cold air makes my eyes water so bad I will find that tree in no time.
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