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Shift position switch.

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Hello all, I have a 2007 Racher 420 FM. I believe the shift position / neutral switch is bad but I wanted to run it by you guys to see what you think. I get code 41.
Problem.... Turn key on fuel pump turns on but no FI light or neutral light, oh and no head lights. Unit will crank over but not start. I did some testing and found I don't have power to the pink wire coming out of the ignition either. With my power probe I can put power to the pink wire hit the start button with the key on and it starts right up. I found the light green wire with red wire that I read is what you bypass the neutral switch with. I grounded it and it still didn't work. I don't want to replace the switch if that isn't the problem. I did check all of the fuses.
Any ideas?
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