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I'm still looking for a service manual reasonably useable to work on my 2008 400 IRS Big bear . Any ideas where I can get one that's close without having to dig down for the 80 bucks Yamaha wants ?.

TD, look up Clymer ATV Manuals. These manuals are superior to the factory ones and cheaper to boot.

I found mine on Ebay. Set me back about $40 but like I said, the manual is superior.
i've got the shop manual for 07 and 08 can am outlanders (500, 650, 800) and renegades (500, 800) in pdf form (504 pages) should anyone require one. it's around 29 mb, so if anyone needs it, pm me and i can upload it to a file hosting site. :eek:ccasion14:
I'm pretty sure the 09 Supplement is available on digits now thru midwest manuals (ebay) now. I sent that fella two requests for the 09 manual and he came through, unfortunately it was after I had purchased the hard copy. I would still like to get that download.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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