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Sedona Tires Web Site

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Sedona Tires now has a web site. And one utility class tires called the Mud Rebel.

Check it out....


Designed for the aggressive MUD and UTILITY ATV rider, this tire performs incredible in MUD and also handles dry trails and rocks with ease.

High-quality carcass materials allow for controlled inflated sizes that allow your 4-wheel drive ATV to perform at it's highest level of performance. The Mud Rebel also offers increased sidewall strength for puncture resistance and impact absorption while carrying heavy loads.

An ultra-strong 6 ply carcass absorbs obstacles, resists punctures, and tackles the toughest of terrain—wet or dry!

Other features include:

* Aggressive angled tread design grips well in muddy or dry conditions and cleans out very well to keep on gripping in all conditions
* Sidewall lugs are designed to offer added traction in deep ruts and through heavy mud conditions
* Premium grade rubber offers a very long life and brings traction to new levels
* Great steering response and puncture resistance
* Sidewall lugs improve traction in deep ruts
* 6 ply rating
* Wheels not included
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Tire companies really love that Mudlite design. :dontknow:
I guess this means we need to get set and test them out!
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