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Santa Lucia Ranger District OHV Routes

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Santa Lucia Ranger District OHV Routes

Santa Lucia Ranger District (805) 925-9538

The Santa Lucia Ranger District encompasses portions of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. The 590,000 acre District includes several high elevation areas and a wide range of climatic and vegetation zones, from oak grass woodlands to pine covered mountaintops.

The riding area varies in elevation from 600 feet near the Rock Front area to 6,828 feet in the Pozo/La Panza area with trails ranging in degree of difficulty from novice to advanced. Vegetation in this region varies from annual grasses, mixed chaparral, oak-covered canyons to mixed conifer forests, primarily of Ponderosa pines.

The OHV opportunities on the Santa Lucia District are considered to be some of the best in San Luis and Santa Barbara counties. The Pozo/La Panza area is located on the north side of the District. This 18,867-acre area has approximately 44.5 miles of routes that vary from sandy washes to a ridgeline route including a section known to expert riders as the Stair Steps. It has 300-foot drop-off within a few feet of the steps.

The Rock Front area is located in the center of the Ranger District. This 15,328-acre area provides 41 miles of 4x4 trails that vary from rock-covered canyons to ridgeline trails with outstanding vistas of the Cuyama Valley.
Another 16.7 miles of OHV trails and routes are located in the northern part of Santa Barbara County on Buckhorn Ridge. This network of trails provides many opportunities to make loops of varying difficulty. The Catway OHV route located on Figueroa Mountain is 2.5 miles in length.

An OHV is a registered, non-street legal vehicle. The US Forest Service, in cooperation with the State of California Off-Highway Vehicle Fund, has developed trails, roads, and facilities for further enjoyment for the OHV user. Remember, these are your facilities and OHV funds are used to develop and maintain them. The OHV rider/ driver must assume responsibility for proper registration and vehicle use.

Springs, lakes, ponds and streams may look inviting and harmless, but the water they contain may not be safe for drinking. Treat all water for drinking and cooking by either processing through a portable water filter or by boiling for five minutes. Wide selections of water filters are available at sporting goods stores.


Pozo La Panza Map
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