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rzr AWD Switch flashing & light don't work

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2010 Rzr
I have a stumper here.
I drove through some very cold water and came out with both head lights not working, but rear lights do. I tested both front light bulbs with wire on my battery and both worked, I tested the harness connected to the Llghts and got between 11 and 12 v,I used the light switch in place of the AWD switch and the AWD activated and deactivated. i put the AWD switch in place of the light switch harness and still my lights will not work. One other thing, with the AWD switch off, when i turn the light switch on, the AWD switch blinks indefinately, then stays iluminated when the AWD switch is activated. I'm at a loss, Im not sure were to go from here, it seams like it is a simple thing. I really don't want to take it in due to the weeks of down time waiting. If anyone can help i would very much appriciate it. I'm thinking maby a grounding problem. Thanks in advance
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