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Rox Speed FX Pivoting Handlebar Risers Review

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Have you ever wished that the riding position on your ATV had a more natural feel? We did, and that’s why we decided to try out the Rox Speed FX Pivoting Risers. The risers move the handle bars on your ATV up and back, creating a more natural feel when riding. With the installation of the risers you now have 2 pivot points giving you greater ability to customize your riding posture for maximum comfort whether sitting or standing.​

These patented pivoting handlebar risers are lightweight and heavy duty. Instructions provided by Rox Speed FX are straightforward and easy to read. We installed 5”x7/8”x 1 1/8”on a 2007 Yamaha Grizzly with very little trouble. These C and C machined billet aluminum pivoting risers are adjustable unlike other systems that we have seen. The risers come in two sizes, 3” or 5” inch lengths. Aftercarefully measuring the handle bar height we wanted to achieve, we felt that the 5” riser would suit our needs best. We recommend checking your throttle cable and brake line lengths to make sure there is enough slack in case you want to go higher than stock height.

Any 1 1/8” handlebar will fit these risers, but we decided to use the Universal Solex CR-HI model which are also available from Rox Speed FX.
After nearly 1000 test miles we have had no problems with design, fit or function. The risers have been one of our favorite modifications to date. With the new position of the handle bars we have not had any arm or back fatigue as we did with the stock set up.

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All of our test riders agree that Rox speed FX patented Pivoting Risers are a “must have” on our ATV’s. We give them a unanimous “torture test approval.” This is a great setup that truly needs to be tried in order to believe the benefits.

  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Shipping
  • Ease of installation
  • More rider control
  • Style and design


  • Limited availability of different colors

[email protected] for product availability, shipping, etc. and [email protected] for tech question's only.
by telephone at 218-326-1794, or by fax at 218-327-1006 (8 AM and 4:30 PM CST)
Rox Speed FX Inc. is located in Northern Minnesota
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