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RotopaX fuel packs

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We just posted the RotopaX preliminary review here. These fuel packs are highly impressive and seem to be extremely durable.
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Hey Grizzly. Will the Rotopax work with Kolpin brackets and hardware?
No offense here, ;;s;; but these containers & the Koplins, are pretty darn pricey for carrying 2 to 4 gals of fuel for your ATV.

I can get two 2 1/2 gal plastic cans for about $10. Then I can use the other $80 to fill them & the bike up.

I know some feel these are easier to pack, take up less room, etc. But really, you lay them flat on your rack, & put stuff on top of them. Then you have to remove it to get to the fuel ??

If a guy uses the Koplin brkts & attaches the containers that way, it may be flatter ... but it's still pretty pricey.

A guy can either make or buy a gas can carrier (I've seen them at Polaris & Yamaha dealerships) ... & the carrier can also be used to carry one gas can & a cooler if wanted.

I'm sure some out there will totally disagree with me .... but personally, there are less expensive ways of haul'in fuel. But, to each his own, right !!?? ..... RIGHT !!! :icon_thumright:

Later ...
I agree if all you are talking about is price.
I go out for 3+ days at a time. When I load my quad up I put 4 gallons of gas in a Kolpin under 4 gallons of water and my soft pack on top of that on my front rack. That water is the water I use for washing my hands, face, etc and my dishes and it can be opened and poured without being unstrapped or removal from the rack. For the fuel I have a small rubber hose with a siphon bulb attached to it to pump the fuel to my tank if I was to need that.
I carry 4 gallons of drinking water in 2 small Kolpins attached to the back of my QuadBoss rear pack. I then have 2 more attached to the side of either water of gas. So I can carry 14 gallons of fuel/water with out taking up any cargo space and not having my gear smell like fuel or get wet if a spout should happen to break (never has yet).
To off set my cost, I always put them on a christmas or birthday list...:beer"
I have the new Rotopax fuel cells for when I go on extended trails.
Yes it cost money for these,but the quality and flexability is great and as desertrat said the multi use is priority.
These unit's were with me on the Paiute Trail when I crashed
and there was damage,but far less then exspected. With the fact that they are two
seperate cells I will only need to replace one. I like the set up and feel that they were worth the money spent. It's easyer for me to lift 2gals then the whole 4,and
the spout set up makes pouring quick and easy. Stacking is no problem and with the use of the old brackets versital. When I spoke with Jason he said they would be developing a bracket of there own for the rotopax. Outdoor products is the original'
designer of the koplin before selling it. I will pay that little extra money to Jason and his family business with no hessitation because the quality is BARE NONE. JMO

The last picture is of the only damage done to the PAX
:eek:ccasion14: I agree... when I bought my original set of Kolpin I didnt know the Rotopax existed, that is if they did.. I like both products even though I dont have any Rotopax yet..
as far as price,, check this out,, with brackets..

even though I see that they are no longer sold online,, I bought all mine online at wallyworld,,,

but dont tell anyone that I shared that information with you, gunny thinks I am rich or sumthing...:beer" hehehehe.....
Water ... so you wash you're face & hands huh ?? .... Interesting ! :notworthy:

But, do you realize how much you've spent on "Containers" ?? Even at $90 each ... I think you have six containers .... Jeez, for a tad more .... ya could've bought that ATV trailer .... I know, I know .... you don't wanta tow a trailer all the time. But like I said, "That's Pretty Darn Pricey" ... But hey, it works for you & YOU, are the only one you have to please ... Right ?? ... RIGHT !!! :icon_thumleft:
Hmmm,, now u got me a thinkin... I wonder how much water that trailer would hold? I could take a bath in the field.... ;;s;;
man... if I could introduce you to my ATV'n buddy Troy with the Arctic Cat with heated grips and the tent trailer he pulls,, I think he has a portable shower and used those moist butt wipes...!!
hahahaha,, I will email u some soap if ya cant find some..

No, the hotel dont have a shower, but he does have heated grips and used moist butt wipes...

i do wash my hands and face when on the trail but I use gasoline,, never waste water!!:seesaw:
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