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RotopaX fuel packs

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We just posted the RotopaX preliminary review here. These fuel packs are highly impressive and seem to be extremely durable.
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No offense here, ;;s;; but these containers & the Koplins, are pretty darn pricey for carrying 2 to 4 gals of fuel for your ATV.

I can get two 2 1/2 gal plastic cans for about $10. Then I can use the other $80 to fill them & the bike up.

I know some feel these are easier to pack, take up less room, etc. But really, you lay them flat on your rack, & put stuff on top of them. Then you have to remove it to get to the fuel ??

If a guy uses the Koplin brkts & attaches the containers that way, it may be flatter ... but it's still pretty pricey.

A guy can either make or buy a gas can carrier (I've seen them at Polaris & Yamaha dealerships) ... & the carrier can also be used to carry one gas can & a cooler if wanted.

I'm sure some out there will totally disagree with me .... but personally, there are less expensive ways of haul'in fuel. But, to each his own, right !!?? ..... RIGHT !!! :icon_thumright:

Later ...
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See ... there ya go. :hello: The man has a plan & it sounds good & works for him !! ..:eek:ccasion14: ... And please, don't get me wrong, I like'em ... just not the price.

As far as the gas, I carry 5 gals on the carrier I made. Doesn't get on gear or anything. I did have a friend who use to haul his gas inside his rear cargo box ... :confused2: ... and I didn't care for that one bit.

Water ... so you wash you're face & hands huh ?? .... Interesting ! :notworthy:

Yes, if a guy is go'in out for any extended time, water can be an issue. Besides, gotta have "Fee" in the morning, right !! :coffee2:

But, do you realize how much you've spent on "Containers" ?? Even at $90 each ... I think you have six containers .... Jeez, for a tad more .... ya could've bought that ATV trailer .... I know, I know .... you don't wanta tow a trailer all the time. But like I said, "That's Pretty Darn Pricey" ... But hey, it works for you & YOU, are the only one you have to please ... Right ?? ... RIGHT !!! :icon_thumleft:

And if those types of containers work for others (they must, they sell'em) .... Out-Freak'in-Standing !!!! ... Then that's what counts.

Later ...
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DesertRat ... DesertDweller .... You two kin ?? :sign7:

And Desertrat ... don't try & fool me ... I knows you is rich !! :crybaby2:

Yes, you all bring up some valid points. And I guess if that's how ya wanta spend your money ... Cool !!! .... cause I've heard from many, there is no way they would spend what I did for tracks. :cold:

It comes down to, what works best for the individual & how much he or she, is willing to spend to accomplish what they want. AND, my fine, many days in the field, travl'in ATV'ers ... if I was to break down & buy one or two ... I'd probably be the first one to sing their praise ... :angel9:

DesertRat .... a BATH ?? OMH dude !!!! ... :wtf: No smell'in like camp fire ? No ripe butt smell from sweat'in & ... ah .... do'in business .... no man smell from sweat'in & puk'in ?? .... WOW !!! ... you could do that huh ?? :glasses9: ... You Da Man !!!!

Grizz & the two Desert Boys ... "More Convenient" than typical gas cans ?? ... Personally, I don't see how .... just a different way to haul fuel !! .... WHAT ?? nobash

But you have to admit ... the last few posts here actually gave more "Personal" use info than even the review did .... this type of discussion is awesome !

And, I think BusterW wants more posts made .... Right BW ??

Later ...
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HEY ... I just looked at my Avatar .... Someone "Added" a pet name under my user name ?? :eek:

That is just cold & mean .... :nono:

I know who you are .... as soon as I get your Quadrant & Elevation .... you'll be hear'in from me !!! :salute:

Pretty funny however .... :icon_puke_r:

Later ....
So ... DesertRat .... what're ya try'in to tell me ?? ... That I'm an unclean, smelly, sorta guy ?? .... or What ?? :hello:

Troy actually has a shower in that "Hotel" he pulls behind his Kitty Kat ?? Jeez ! .... The ATV trails are go'in to H*LL !!!!

Later .... As soon as I find some soap !
Used moist butt wipes ?? ... You wash your face with used moist butt wipes ?? :puke:

Wait ... let me go back & re-read what ya wrote ........... Oh, NEVER MIND !!!
Jeez, for a minute there DesertRat ... ya had me worried ?? ... :pottytrain5:

You wash with gasoline ?? .... :violent5:.... NICE !!! (OH Brother !)

OK, back to to the fuel packs ... anyone else out there have, used them, or have an opinion ?? If so, let's hear it !! .... Savvy ??

Later ...
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