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Rocky Creek ATV is a great riding area that is convenient for the people who live on the south side of Atlanta. With approximately 20 miles of trails it is a great place to bring the family for a full day of trail riding and playing in the mud. Rocky Creek considers itself one of the top riding areas for 4x4 ATVs in the south but any off road rider will find the miles of trails enjoyable.

GPS: N 32º 53.318' W 84º 05.173'

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First of all to kick things off by thanking Bennett Norris for allowing us to ride at Rocky creek ATV (Culloden) Last 9-27-09 Sunday, It was my first time ever out there and all I have to say FUN FUN and more FUN! Well the day started off with going deep in one of the many ponds that I came across and YEA I was a little nervous of how deep it was being as though I don’t have a snorkel kit but after that I was all about some mud and it was there. The night before it rained like cats and dogs and it made riding awesome if your into good old getting nasty mud bogging and hauling A**!

We started at 9am that morning and rode until 4:50 pm (they close at 5 on Sundays) and I was whipped. Some people I rode with that day said that we didn’t see all they trails and I couldn’t believe it because we rode hard all day long and I thought I had seen it all so next time we are going to try the other side. Also if mudding not your cup of tea, than you can ride the awesome hill climbs and hit the nice drag strip they have out in the open fields. So basically there a lot of all types riding for everyone.

Having said all that and showing all the videos to all my friends (which will be posted with this write up), we will definitely be riding there again soon. There is a huge event going on there Oct. 30, 31, Nov 1 and we will be there! So thanks again Bennett, we will see ya soon.

- Joseph

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We're going back to Rocky Creek ATV for their next big event on the weekend of October 30, October 31 and November 1. We sure wish some fellas would join us there.

I've heard the lawnmower races are a real rip and can't wait to see them this time!!

Here's more info about that weekend:
Mud Boggin' Southern Style

Oct. 30, 31 & Nov.1, 2009
Make your RV site reservations Now!

Friday Oct 30
Noon - 10:00pm - Trail Ride
Night - 7:00pm Lawn Mower Drag Race($5 per person w/o park pass)
8:00pm - Lawn Mower Flat Track Race($5 per person w/o park pass)

Saturday Oct 31
9:00am - 12 Midnight - Trail Ride
10:00am Kids Mud Bog
12:00pm - High Lifter Mud Bog Race
3:00pm Mud-A-Cross Race (S-Pit has been converted to a flat bottom track
with about one & half feet of water only. Hard bottom)
6:00pm - Awards Ceremony
7:00pm Trunk-A-Treat (Kids 14 & Under Only)
8:30pm - Guided Ride and come back to the pond for
fireworks, a bond fire and roasting marshmellows.(BYOM)

Sunday Nov 1
Ride 9:00am - 4:30pm

For more information:

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Nah, you don't have to be a mudder to go to Culloden as we call it. I am a mudder by no means and we have a great time every time we go. The trails are nice. However for their events, sometimes I don't even want to hit the trails and prefer to just sit back and watch the fun. Good times! :eek:ccasion14:

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