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riding habits

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How often do you get to ride? How far do you travel to ride? How many like trails? How many like deep mud and water?
My wife and I like some tight wooded trails and deep mud, my wife loves the water I swear she has gills sometimes. We like the trails we have right here at home but we really love to travel and ride. We would love to plan a cross country trip from Wv to Ca on avt's as soon as the kids get older.
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I ride my street legal dirt bike to work and back every day, and often times take "the long way home", which includes several miles of dirt single track in the foothills. And I typically ride either the ATV or the side by side both days on weekends, except for every fourth weekend when I am on call at work. With the price of diesel fuel lately I have been riding mostly from our home. I can ride from my home to where this picture was taken without loading my ATV on a trailer.

I can get to that spot by taking old Jeep roads, or I can take an ATV trail that has been built by a few friends and the person that owns the land. The ATV trail has taken five years worth of work with a pick, shovel, chainsaw, and even a rented mini track hoe, to make it semi-rideable. It has finally been connected through just this spring. Yesterday and today we did that trail, and it is the most difficult ATV trail that I have ever done in the 10 years I've been riding ATVs. The trail is 11 miles long and takes six hours to complete, and every foot of the trail is in low range 4 wheel drive. There are some insane steep climbs with big rock ledges mid-way up the climb, and there are several long stretches where you have to walk your quad through because the sidehill is so steep it would roll with the rider on board. Even if you got off the seat and stood with both feet on the uphill side footboard and leaned back as far as you could it wouldn't be enough, the ATV would still roll. You have to walk below the quad on the side of the hill and lean your shoulder into the ATV to keep it from rolling. And every ATV on the ride has to do that, because that particular section of trail is just plain impossible otherwise. The fellow that led the trail yesterday rolled his Rincon (ouch). I showed another friend the trail today, and even though we didn't do the most extreme part of the trail today he still rolled his Foreman 450. Needless to say the trail still needs some work to make it more rideable, but the effort has been worth it. Once I get on top of the mountain where the picture was taken I can ride for hundreds of miles.

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Now that sounds like my kind of riding...brings me back to my Jeepin days. :headbang:
I have been ripping it up around the house and farm at least a few times a week, but have only been on a handful of what I would call significant rides since I returned home from the war. I'm just now getting back into a rythm and setting patterns so I hope to have more significant rides soon.

As far as what I like; I like trails both slow and fast. Water is ok but I don't try to convert my quad into a ski-doo. I don't like mudding. Passing through a mud hole on a trail is one thing, but going to a mud hole just to mud is not my idea of a ride. Not knocking it, I've just torn up more crap than an Artillery Battery while mudding. I know what mud can and will do to any vehicle and it's not for me anymore. I also find myself having a great time just riding around the farms in my family. Pleanty of acerage and variety in landscape to challenge both the quad and myself.
Well depends on the mood but in most cases I like rolling trails. I guess I am boring but I like smooth rolling trails that you can get on the bike a little and just cruise. Less rider fatigue. I have a small loop just out my door I take. Only about a 15 minute ride but after work that is all I need some times for a quick fix. I used to really like riding the mud but find the clean up and wear on the machine later is sometimes not worth it. I think I belong in Maine where you can do 120 miles in one day without killing yourself. To some this is boring but to me it is like being on a street bike on some back twisty roads.
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