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Riding boots

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Well since I couldn't find a good spot for this topic, I will ask it here.
I would like a good pair of riding boots that I can also use as hiking boots.
I don't ride every week, although I wish I could so I don't want to put out to much money for a pair of MX style racing boots. I have a utility quad and my riding style is mixed between desert riding here in 115 degree heat and the Paiute trails in Utah in all weather conditions.
My 2 main concerns is that they are comfortable to walk in and be water proof, or at least resistant. I tried a pair of water proof Sketchers that kill my feet, I am going to give or throw them away. My favorite hiking boots are Eccos but at 200+ dollars I really dont want to tear them up on a rocky wet ATV trail.

What type of boots do you guys wear while out on the trail?
What would you recommend?
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Take a look at these. I have a set with and without insulation. Very comfortable and tough as nails.
I wear a pair of Vasque Skywalker hiking boots. They have Gortex so are waterproof. They run around $160/pair though and don't have any support above the ankle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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