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It was without a doubt that the first thing to do to the new KFX 450R was to rip off the cheap plastic OEM skids and beef them up with some from our friends at Ricochet OffRoad. Anybody who knows about sport quads knows that they offer very little protection to the under carriage and this is where the brunt of the abuse occurs the most.

Ricochet is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and has been protecting offroad machines for the past 30 years and has starting to make it’s name known in the UTV world as they are already well known to the motocross and ATV industries. Ricochet Offroad Armor offers a huge selection of products for any style of offroading you may enjoy.

Upon getting the new Ricochet skids we went right to work! Seeing these shinny new aluminum skids with what looked to be works of art with the intricate welding they have, I could not get them on the quad fast enough. Ricochet nails it, there is no guessing about which skid goes where or which way is up and down for that matter. All necessary attachments and other hardware come right there individually packed, again not making this a guessing game.

I spoke in the beginning about how the OEM skids for the KFX 450R are nothing more than some cheap plastic that are good for….. well nothing. Ricochet sport quad skids are made up of ¼” aluminum and provide rock solid protection, especially in all those high impact areas. Not only did the Ricochets provide super protection but they add an almost indestructible look the KFX.

I know this is supposed to be about performance. But look, I can’t help it, I like everything to look good, whether it be on the top side of the quad or the underside.
One super cool thing that Ricochet did was add in a chain guide to the rear swingarm skid, eliminating the chance of the chain flying out of control on ruff terrain. A-Arm guards are without a doubt one of your most important skids. Protecting all suspension and also eliminating the chance of something flying up into your shin, a-arms guards a must have. Lastly the Chassis Skid, the one that takes more abuse than any, thick and virtually unbreakable it stood up to pounding and was still looking unharmed or damaged.

Wrap UP
All in all, ROCK SOLID POTECTION! Ricochet Offroad Armor does it again! I am willing to say that if you do not protect your ride with Ricochet Offroad.



Call toll free at 1-866-273-1197
Fax at 1-801-483-2348
3375 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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