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Ricochet Skid Plates - Renegade 800-X

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We have just installed a set of full skids provided by Ricochet offroad for the Renegade 800 and are extremely impressed as always with their build quality and coverage. They have by far the best protection we've seen for the Renegade 800 as far as coverage and the thickness of their product.

Please stay tuned for pics and a full review of their product along with information on how to get in touch with Ricochet Offroad.
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Well you are correct in your thought that they market the "X" as coming with a set of skids. However, it's a bit misleading in that the amount of additional protection it offers is minimal at best. The X factory skids cover under the engine as well as a frame skid up front in between the lower a-arms. However, the a-arms are unprotected from the bottom which leaves the differentials and boots wide open to damage. Can-Am also did not provide any protection for up under the floorboard.

Obiously they did this so they could add minimal skids, market it as coming with skids so they could increase the price of the quad, but still leave enough necessary items unprotected so the average Joe would just go buy the remaining skid pieces from BRP.

However, the BRP skids are nowhere near as thick as the Ricochet skids so if you're goiing to spend the money on the remaining BRP skids, a Ricochet set it a much wiser investment in my opinion.

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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