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Reworked Track'in VIdeo's

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OK, I know some of the video's I uploaded to Photobucket from my last ride (The thread titled, "Another Day On The Snow") ... where kinda hard to listen to ... so, I've spent the entire day work'in them over in Windows Movie Maker. :coffee:

And I reworked a bunch of others ... so I can upload them to YouTube .... and then post'em here for everyone to enjoy .... YouTube has a 1GB size limit where Photobucket has a 100MB limit. So, being the the kinda guy that figures, "Hey, I got 1GB to play with, let's put some of the video's together !" :icon_thumleft: .... HOWEVER ... when you do that ... it takes a L-O-N-G time to upload them ... like hours !!!! :eek: :sleepy2:

Anyway ... here's the first two reworked videos ... hope ya enjoy'em .... & as I get others uploaded, I'll post them as well .....

Later ....
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Your hard work paid off Gunny. That was pretty cool. It was neat when you turned off the cam and then turned it on, it was like you hit a button and changed clothes and riding location. Also in the second half, the sun had a black spot right in the middle of it. "Black Hole Sun".
I agree Buster, that footage has promted me to get serious about getting one of these doohicks. They would be a tremendous asset for the solo rider and product reviews!
I don't know whether I'm more impressed with the clarity of the vids or the awesome terrain you get to ride. Good job Gunny, your efforts paid off again.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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