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Reworked Track'in VIdeo's

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OK, I know some of the video's I uploaded to Photobucket from my last ride (The thread titled, "Another Day On The Snow") ... where kinda hard to listen to ... so, I've spent the entire day work'in them over in Windows Movie Maker. :coffee:

And I reworked a bunch of others ... so I can upload them to YouTube .... and then post'em here for everyone to enjoy .... YouTube has a 1GB size limit where Photobucket has a 100MB limit. So, being the the kinda guy that figures, "Hey, I got 1GB to play with, let's put some of the video's together !" :icon_thumleft: .... HOWEVER ... when you do that ... it takes a L-O-N-G time to upload them ... like hours !!!! :eek: :sleepy2:

Anyway ... here's the first two reworked videos ... hope ya enjoy'em .... & as I get others uploaded, I'll post them as well .....

Later ....
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Dude, i gotta tell ya that was a killer video. I was also going to mention the coolness factor of your push-of-a-button wardrobe change.

I think the entire thing rocked and is possibly the best atv in teh snow video I've watched in smoothness, colors, etc. What kinda of camera are you using and what does the mount setup look like. Snap a pic, i wanna see it rigged up on there.

Good work,

Man, that Hero takes great footage. i had tried to get in contact with them to donate a couple to us at one time but they don't have a freaking phone number published ANYWHERE, not even inthe paperwork that comes with the units. So, I emailed them and never heard back as I suspected.

Ya know, I always have a problem with a company that is producing a product to the general public and marketing it, yet they won't provide any type of phone number. It speaks horribly for their customer service right off the bar. Maybe when you get your new one, you'll send the Hero right on my way. :)

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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