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Recommened Sevice Maintenance for Renegade and Outlander

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In questioning my dealer pretty hard about teh maintenance schedule on them, I got some details as to what the services entail and what they recommend.

The initial 10 hour service is nothing more than an oil change, fluid level check and checking all bolts for tightness.

After that, every 10 hours checking how the oil looks. If it's getting dark or seems to have metal shavings in it, change it with the filter. If it looks ok, then at 45 hours, change the oil, filter and differential fluids. Again checking everything for tightness and all fluid levels (brakes, coolants, etc).

They also said the 45 hour service calls for valve adjustment check. Some people do them, some don't and most all times the valves are still within spec. My dealer says it's about an hour job to check valve clearances and the charge is around $65. Needless to say, when mine hits 45, I'll probably see how mine sounds and feels at 45 hours and determine at that point if I want to get the valves done. If it still feals fine and I don't hear the valves ticking, I'll probably wait. I'll still do the fluid related stuff but if I feel like the valves need an adjustmen, just pay them the $65 to check the valves. Getting lazy in my old age.

They also added that on 2-stroke bikes, valve checking it pretty important b/c they tend to get run a lot harder and that 4 strokes many times will not need valves adjusted until they really get a lot of time on them. I chuckled since he doesn't know how hard I tend to push mine.

I'll still have to take it in at the recommended times I think so they can hook it up to the BUDS software and clear the maintenance warning message from the display.

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My service tech hooked up the BUDS and did a lot more than what you mentioned to the best of my knowledge for my 10 hour. I tend to believe him because he gave me spefics. He also changed the start-up display to say "Hi Nate". LOL.
i plan on checking my valves sometime in the near future, just to be sure. i know my foreman was a good bit out of spec, and i couldn't hear anything out of the ordinary. the rear valve cover looks like it'll be tight, but... as far as the buds interface, what did your tech do, battlegun. from what i've gathered, they can program the DESS to accept different keys, view/clear fault codes, reset the maintenance reminder, change from mph to metric and program the greeting. the only engine modification is to adjust for different altitude. i'm curious if there's more... btw, when mine was purchased, they hooked it up to the buds software and did any software updates that were needed, programmed the greeting to say "HI JEFF". i'm just under 50 hrs, so once i hit 50 (or 100 if i'm too busy riding) i plan on changing the greeting. my understanding is that it's limited to 17 characters (includes spaces). i'm calling dibs on "GO BIG OR GO HOME"! there's a story behind that (no sexual innuendo, i promise!), i'll get into it another time. :beer"
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As far as I know he looked at the engines performance records. He said he could tell how the machine had been run etc. Other than that, and changing the greeting, I'm not real sure what was included with the BUDS hook up.
i gotcha. i thought you meant your tech had some "trick" to adjust the timing or add fuel or something. ;;s;;
I hear yu, I got mine programed to say "Hi Mac" but thats getting old, I like the "go Big or Go Home" stray... I've launched my 'gade off of 10' rocks into mountian stream beds (with water) and drove out.... I LOVE MY QUAD! I've been lucky tho, the stuff that I've put the 'gade thru, no problems, til now. Yhats a lie, had the initial bad fuel pump, but ( warranty rocks ) it got replaced, as I didn't know WTF was going on... the gade has beat A LOT of racing quads in the Canadian Rockies thanks to the 4WD, again, I LOVE MY QUAD!... although, I wish I had an '09 w/ the extra 9% HP or an "X"... might have to surrender my gade to the wife and get an '09 "X".... the best of both worlds.

Has anyone heard about lifting the gade to accomodate bigger tires and to get better clearance, or longer stroke shocks, and longer axles?
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haven't looked into a lift, but you can replace your intake and air filter with the 09 version and pick up about 5 hp. best bang for your buck on the 07 and 08 models.
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