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Just a thought guys. Is it possible to get a "most recent post(s)" button? I know there is a button for new posts to my topics, and also a button that will show me the posts since my last visit, but the minute I leave the site and come back, that lists is gone.

I guess what I'd like to see, if possible, would be a button that would query all posts for a predetermined amount of time. Like a 24 hours from the time the button was selected or 48 hours or something like that. Good idea? Bad?

Just a thought. :hello:
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Right next to your avatar it says "Show unread posts since last visit."
Koko said:
Right next to your avatar it says "Show unread posts since last visit."
Yeah...I addressed that. It only shows the posts once. In other words, if I log on, hit that button, look at a thread, then leave the site and come back, the posts are gone. In other words it resets.

I did just discover the "recent posts" at the bottom of the home page though. This could be a solution.
I've coded a button to the upper menu that says "Recent Posts". It's to the far right side and shows you pages and pages of recent posts. Hopefully that will be what you want. If not, let me know and I'll mod it.

Wow, you didn't have to do that just for me...but thanks just the same. I'll give you some feed back on it soon. Thanks again. :icon_thumleft:

Ok...I checked it out and it looks great. I think the way this is set up it has the potential to be a great moderator / admin tool as well. Great work!
Well, we want the forum to be the most user friendly it can so suggestions like yours are what we want and need.

It's a nice addition and I appreciate the feedback!

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