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Quality Metal Storage UTV tool boxes

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Quality made items seems harder to come by these days, but there's a company out of Long Beach, CA that produces great quality storage boxes, racks, utv campers and other products designed specifically for UTV's.

I have a set of the aluminum rear cargo boxes, and steel center console for my 2013 Polaris Ranger 9000XP that are pushing 6 years old and still hold up solid. Seems like you can never get enough storage when you utilize this vehicles the way I do, so these boxes took care of my limited storage needs. I also like the fact that they are lockable, as I have quite a bit of valuable items (tools, Handheld GPS, Firearms, wallet, etc.) that I wouldn't want to go missing.

And finally, they're made in the U.S.A. ! Another rarity these days! May cost a little more, but I'd support American Made every time it's an option :smile2:.

Anyways the company is Hi-Standard Outfitters for those in need of quality storage units for their UTV's, just thought I'd share for those in the market of such items.

I'll attach some photos from their website to for a better visual.



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