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			<h1>Quad Works F.I. Powerbox</h1>

			<h2>Product Details</h2>

[IMG][/IMG]Just received this in today to test on the 2007 Grizzly 700. This "Plug in module "jet kit" with 4 selectable  base fuel curves that can be modified to suit a wide variety of modifications. Fuel  mixture can be richened or leaned as required with the 3 adjustment meters: LOW,  MID, HIGH. Factory OEM connectors for easy installation. No PC needed for  selecting or adjusting the fuel curves and no modifications to the stock ECU. Removing  the F.I. POWERBOX returns the vehicle to the factory settings. Improved engine  operation with better throttle response and more power! "</p>

My initial impression of this E.F.I. controller is it seems  well made, and installation looks pretty straightforward. As with some of the E.F.I. controllers  I have had experience with, this model goes a step further and adds an  additional connection to the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) on the Yamaha  Grizzly 700.</p>

Since the [url=""]Dyna[/url] ignition system uses the TPS as well I still  need to verify compatibility with the two products for safe and proper functionality.</p>

Check back soon for our initial thoughts on this product followed by our complete product review. </p>

For more information on the [url=""]Quad Works[/url] F.I. Powerbox visit: [url=""][/url] or call 951.698.7878</p>
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