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Quad Works ATV Seat Cover

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We are getting Quad Works gripper seat covers and standard seat cover for review should be here today. Check out the site
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Click here to read the pre-review of the Quad Works ATV Seat Cover.
Do you have to staple this cover down? or does this cover just go over and have stays by an elasticized band?
It fastens down with upholstery staples and heavy duty staple gun that can be picked up at any hardware store for less than 20 bucks. I am looking forward to this review for me so far this is a product that works well for the way I ride. Check in a few weeks for full install and review.

I've updated your post below to be a link over to the review I've put on the main site.

Just a little update..Went on a pretty rough ride last weekend and I would never have thought that a seat cover would make such a difference...I know why they call it the gripper now... :laughing7:..Look for more pics and review coming soon..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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