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Quad Tech-ATV Can-Am Renegade 800 Seat Cover Review

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For our Can-Am Renegade 800 project known as Project-X, we really wanted to find a nice seat cover to finish off the aesthetics of our project and bring all of the colors together. However, we had quite a difficult time finding a company that was advertising a seat cover made for the Renegade 800.

With determination to get it done, we contacted Quad Tech ATV to see if we could send them our Renegade 800 seat for them to use as a template to begin producint a seat for the Renegade. Since Quad Tech is a very well-known seat manufacturer among the race circuit, we were hopeful that they would come through. They welcomed the idea and off went our seat to Laguna Hills, California.

Quad Tech ATV offers a variety of color combinations so based on what we wanted to tie our project together, they built us a red and black seat. Within a few days our seat was completed by Quad Tech and back in transit. When the seat finally arrived, we were in awe with it's perfection.

After snapping it onto our Renegade 800, we could tell that we made the right decision in contacting Bill Pointer at Quad Tech. At first glance of the detailing of the seat and perfection in every aspect of it was obviously his objective with this build. As was expected, it followed their tradition in building a top-knotch product.

Color options are available in two of the three panels that are on the seat.

The main part of the seat that the rider actually sits on is very grippy and comes in black but may have other color options available for different dirt bikes, or ATVs depending on what they are. The side panel, that has the Quad Tech ATV logo in white, is a bit of a smoother material which gives a nice contrast to texture. Then the rear panel is an even smoother material.

The model of motorcycle or ATV that you are purchasing a Quad Tech ATV seat cover for determines what colors they actually make available for each of the panels. It looks like the most common colors for the side panel are either black or silver, but some seats can have this panel done also in blue, green, white, red, yellow or orange. The same goes for the rear accent panel, which may or may not be available for your particular quad if it is something other than the Reneagade 800. However, again there are additional color options for different machines. We encourage you to visit this page to see what they show for your ride.

We were told that some sport quads and dirt bikes have a hump seat available, however there isn't such an option for a utility quad due to the size of the seat. From a looks standpoint, the hump would just look too large and after receiving our seat, we could better understand the reasoning behind this.

The Quad Tech seat cover is not a slip on cover but yet a stapled on cover installed the same way the factory cover is installed on a seat. Unless you have commercial grade heavy duty staples available at your disposal, the buyer would need to have it installed by a professional upholsterer or installer. However, the installation that Quad Tech did for us was nothing less than perfect.

As you can see from the images below, the Quad Tech ATV seat cover for the Can-Am Renegade 800 is a perfect fit. With style and quality materials, we consider it a must have for our quad and are sure that Quad Tech has something available for you or can make it happen if it isn't currently available. Keep in mind when considering a seat cover that it should not only be for aesthetic purposes but rather should also be a durable seat made of fine materials while also providing the rider great grip to the seat when encountering fast cornering or difficult obstacles. The Quad Tech ATV seat cover for the Renegade 800 definitely fullfills all of those aspects.

Congratulations to Quad Tech for a well done job and exceeding our Expectations!

Contact Information:
(Web Site) Quad Tech-ATV :: ATV Carbon Fiber World Leader
(Phone) 949.859.7823
(Email) [email protected]
(Address) 23011 Moulton Parkway, Suite C-1, Laguna Hills, California, 92653

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