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Quad Magazine big bore utility ATV shootout -- results are out

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For those of you that have not been following Quad Magazine for the last three months, they have been having a multi-part big bore shootout.

Part one was a shootout between the 800+ cc quads, and the Outlander 800 beat the Arctic Cat Thunder Cat and the Polaris Sportsman.

Part two was a shootout between the 700s, and the Grizzly won.

Part three was a shootout between the 750s, and the Suzuki King Quad won.

Part four was a shootout between the three winners, and the overall winner was ...

Grizzly 700 :eek:ccasion14:
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I think it is interesting that one of the slower sport ute's won the overall. The last decade has seen more and more of the "bigger is better" philosophy, with one manufacturer beating the other by bringing out something bigger. But we passed the 700cc size some time ago, with 750s, 800s, and now with a 950, yet one of the 700s has won the shootout for the last two years. Does that mean we are now at the point where even one of the smaller machines is "fast enough", and because of that, the focus has shifted to handling, steering, and best all around function? I've always thought it interesting when talking with racers at various competition events I've been to, that beginners talk about power, and pro's talk about handling. It looks like the sport ute market is "maturing" to me. I'll bet we still continue to see bigger and bigger sport utes, which is fine with me. But hopefully we will also see a much stronger focus on handling, steering, suspension, and other factors that affect overall performance.

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I think you summed it up...the grizzly is plenty fast enough you really need to get to 65mph doing practical trail riding 10 seconds sooner? Do you really even need to go that fast?
I personally have not had my grizzly over 50mph. I have had limited seat time on it under 200 miles so far, but I still haven't had the opportunity to go that fast...don't think I really want to either unless I go to Maine or something. I love how the grizzly handles and rides, the power is fine for me. IMO I bought the best all around trail 4x4 out there...otherwise I would have bought a different one ;;t;; ;;s;;

bowdown bowdown bowdown
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I think you are on to something. It's similar to the car market. 10 Years ago the American automobiles couldn't hold a candle to the Japanese level of quality/reliability. As products become more and more reliable (similar to the quad HP wars)...something has to be done for product differenation. Having the biggest engine is not going to sell your product. It's Features. What does one quad have that the other doesn't that makes it stand out. As more and more manf. add power steering, one manufacturer will come out with another breakthrough (hopefully yamaha ;;t;;)
I agree with what the others have said about "Handling" .... and remember, those other machines that are 750, 800, or 950cc's .... they're heavy ... nobash

The Grizzly is lighter, handles beautifully, has a crisp throttle & now with PS & EFI ... :cheer: all this gives the rider the feeling of "Going Faster" ... and he or she is .... Zoom ! Zoom ! ... :icon_thumleft:

Grizzlies Rule !!!!!! bowdown :glasses2: ;;t;;

Later ...
IMHO it is the power steering that makes this bike so well liked and honored. Take it away and I think you would see a different turn out. I have ridden it and like the steering but that is it. In three years I have been on three different brands. Polaris, Arctic Cat and Now my Brute. I have to say it is all in personal preference. Each magazine out there has there own tests and all are different. Again I believe it all comes down to rider preference.
Well said & So True .... Besides, some Honda's have it now & if not next year, soon some time after, I'm sure all the brands will have it for their rides ..... then I'll bet the story may change.

But, having said that, I personally, still like a lighter machine. If they could all stay close to the 600 lbs, have PS & the EFI .... & better shocks ... well, now that would be sweet. Might even give a guy a headache trying to choose which one to buy.

Later ...
Playing a little devil's advocate here...

Thom (and any other Brute owners) what is so special about the Brute other then its power?

I think the looks of the Brute are great! However we are currently struggling with poor front end geometry, weak tie rods, weak ball joints and now a broken frame. All of this has happened within 6 months. I still love the Brute and it's looks but the Yamaha has followed the same trails as the Brute and the only problems were the Lower ball joint bolt coming loose. And with the addition of the CDI for the 700 Grizz it is able to keep up with the V-twin power of the Brute with no problem and with a little bit more fuel efficiency.
So it was the 08 Brute that broke it's frame?
Yike!! thats not good, hopefully that is a lemon.

I also like the looks of the brute's front, but just like the Grizzly I think it needs an aftermarket bumper. That's why I put a Warn bumper on mine.

I know 2 Brutes, I believe an 05 and 07 have blown motors over on NortheastATvers.... I'm sure they both can be attributed to user error, but those are the only problems I have really heard of other then poor suspension on the 07 and older models.

Had I owned a Kawi first I may have a brute now. ( and they are about a grand cheaper?!)
My bruin treated me well and I liked the features on the Grizzly.
Koko said:
So it was the 08 Brute that broke it's frame?
Yep sure was!
wildwest said:
Playing a little devil's advocate here...

Thom (and any other Brute owners) what is so special about the Brute other then its power?

Well for me it came down to three things
1. Feel
2. Looks
3. Power.

1.When I sat on it it felt like a glove. It sat lower, more lean and very comfortable to me. When i ride it, I feel like I am controlling the bike and not vice versa. Much better than past quads I have owned. Popo 700 and AC H1.
2. Next to my AC the best looking bike out there in my opinion only. I agree with Grizz it needs a stock front bumper. Plastics are thin and vunerable. Otherwise its perfect to me.
3. Nothing else to say here. I know many are into engine mods. I am not. This has more power than I will ever use. Incredible acceleration and instant response. I smile everytime I get off it.
good reasons ;;t;;
The Grizzly 700 won this shootout because it had the best combination of handling, steering, suspension, and power. Power was likely the lowest contributor to the win, because all the others were faster, except the Rincon. But there was enough power, even with it being on the lower end of the spectrum. So that means suspension, steering, and handling are what make the Grizzly 700 "best". Everything I read gives credit for the Grizzlys performance in these areas to the power steering. But there is more to it than just power steering. The power steering is largely transparent when you are riding the Grizzly, except for when you hit something with one front tire that would normally jerk the handlebars to the side, and except when you have the front differential locked. Other than those times you really don't feel the power steering, even though you know it is there working for you. The other changes Yamaha made to the Grizzly 700 also contribute to its great handling, and its responsiveness to rider input, but those changes are only briefly mentioned, or not mentioned at all.

Yamaha made a concentrated effort to centralize mass on the Grizzly 700. Heavy items were moved down, and to the center of the chassis. The differentials were moved toward the middle of the ATV, and the a-arms were angled away from the center to acheive the same wheelbase. The gas tank, with the 50 lbs of gas it holds is now located smack dab in the middle of the ATV. Take you seat off and look at where the gas tank is, there isn't a better place on the ATV to put that 50 lbs of gasoline. The shocks were moved from the upper a-arms to the lower a-arms. The engine was lowered in the chassis, and rotated forward more to lower its mass. I suspect that all of these changes have made as much of an improvement in handling and manueverability, or more of an improvement, than the power steering did.

Mass centralization is something that has been the buzz word in dirt bikes for many years now. Honda claims that they came out with the dual exhaust on their CR 250F to improve mass centralization, not because of an increase in power or decrease in noise. Yamaha just redesigned their exhaust silencers, and changed from the usual perforated core style to a much shorter mechanical baffle style silencer, which they also claim was for mass centralization. To understand what mass centralization does to an object, take a 6 foot long barbell and put a 20 lb weight at each end. Grasp the bar in the middle with both hands being about six inches apart. Now rotate the bar clockwise by 90 degrees, then counter clockwise by 180 degrees, then clockwise again by 180 degrees, and just keep doing that until you get a good gauge of how much work is involed in doing it. Then take those same 20 lb weights and move them to the very center of the barbell. Grasp the bar in the same place with your hands, and repeat the clockwise, counter clockwise rotation proceedure several more times to gauge how much effort is needed. You will notice that is dramatically easier to manuever the barbell with the mass centralized. The same priniciple applies with motorcycles and ATVs. With motorcycles they are down to moving mere ounces of weight each year in an effort to centralize mass. But with ATVs like the Grizzly they had alot of weight that could be moved. Shocks are heavy. Differential gears are heavy. And the 50 lbs of gas in the gas tank is real heavy. So there was greater improvement with the Grizzly 700, relative to the old Grizzly 660.

What this has done is created a Grizzly that responds much easier and much faster to rider input. It feels lighter and easier to ride, even though it weighs the same. And the power steering doesn't hurt either.

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Yep I broke it! I broke my brute after 6 months. They are going to replace the frame and with a little hope some of the plastic damaged because of the failure. There is no comparison to the power of the 08 brute but there is less fatige with the power steering of the 07 and up griz. sometimes I wish I bought the griz but looking back I still think I made the right decision .One day I will buy a giz. unless the brute comes out with power steering. ;;s;;
If the Brute comes out with PS I will be right behind you!
If the Brute comes out with PS I will be right behind you!
x2 can't knock the power and performance of that brute engine. You guys have any pics of the frame failure?
Im glad to hear Kaw is going to fix your machine. Glad I got to ride it before it fell apart nobash

It did have a lot of low end power. I took GW griz up the hill next to the stair steps and I think im going to order a cdi box for mine. That mod makes a huge difference on the Griz.

Will they have it back in time for the Memorial day ride? Its just not the same with you man :crybaby2: (2 a day!)

If not you can keep the dogs company on the porch and watch for lightning strikes !!!
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