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Programer for Grizz 700

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I'm looking for a good programer to add to my set up. Any one have a used one or got any suggestions i'm all ears. Thanks.
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Are you talking fuel programmer or something that will handle the ignition and fuel?
I'm guessing a fuel controller since MaxMud and I had previously discussed that.

Yes, fuel programer is what I think I need. I'm just trying to eleminate the miss/pop I have. I'm not worried about power, just getting rid of the miss. Power is always good tho. If I need a programer that dose it all, then so be it. But just tryin to eleminate that miss.
Jim, the fuel controller won't get rid of the mid-range miss that the 06 and early 07 Grizzlies had. I THINK Yami may have cleared it up in the late 07's and 08's but can't say for sure.

The mid-range pop is caused by the ignition curve. You can get rid of that in 1 of 2 ways. You can either by a dynatek dynafs ignition box where they have tweaked the ignition curves and also removed that miss or you can buy a Velocity Devices Copperhead ECU. The Dyna is a non-tunable ignition box that retails for 209. you can get them cheaper on eBay. It WILL remove the pop you hear. The Velocity box which is amazing as far as tunability is concerned is $450 but gives you control of the ignition and the fuel. However, based on previous chats with you, you don't really want to get into tuning that much so I doubt the more expensive VDI is what you want.

If I were you and knowing what you want to get rid of, while not have to tweak settings, I would recommend the Dynatek box and steal one from eBay.

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Or you can buy a louder exhaust and keep the beast above 40 MPH :seesaw:
Or you can buy a louder exhaust and keep the beast above 40 MPH :seesaw:
That's what I'm talking about :headbang: Seriously though, this is a common issue with this year model grizz and the fixes B offered will probably do the trick.
It isn't a matter of "probably" doing the trick, either WILL do the trick. I know from testing both products.
Good info

Well, that's exactly what I was looking to find out. I didn't think I'd need a fuel controller because I have actually used the onboard computer and adjusted my fuel to a good level. I went to rich at first and then came back down so I know it's adjusting. I have gone through a few plugs just to be sure and it is running good. So the programer is the next purchase. I don't mind a little tuning as long as it is fairly straight forward and easy. But I may opt for the non tueable if that worked to. As always, you guys are full of it!!!!! :) GOOD INFO that is!!
The Dyna ignition offered a good throttle response when used in combination with fuel controller and aftermarket exhaust. Since you have the exhaust system already, are a third of the way way there. The biggest thing you will notice from the Dyna is with the advanced timing curve, the throttle response is a little snappier.

The VDI will kill two birds with one stone though. However, tuning is slightly more complicated and requires some EFI knowledge and patience in order to get it just right.

Both products will give a little more horsepower and acceleration response. If you are looking for neck snapping torque, sorry, it just wont happen unless you go into the motor with a BBK, cam and maybe a stroker.

Now, as a caveat, you already have a HC piston. The VDI will allow you to really fine tune the timing curves and get the most out of the motor whereas the Dyna will not. That being said, now would be the perfect time to throw a Mudbuster cam in their and really get that thing to turn those SB's.

Hell, I know if B-dub owned it, it isn't even broke in yet. ;;s;;
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Thats a tough decision. It's not about the money for me, it's more about the most for my money. In saying that, I've had a programer before on a different bike and had a hard time with tuning. I never could tell if I did any good or harm. it always seemed to be the same. Thats why I wanted to stay away from a programer. But I just happen to actually need one so now it's decision time. I will eventually go with a cam and maybe a roller set up or something, but I don't intend to do that until I break something. Ridding like we do, it will happen sooner or later. I'll sink it or suck up some water somehow and have to do a full rebuild. At that point, I will go all out.

These programers you guys are talking about, what is a link to them so I can do some research on tuning proceedure and installation. I need to get on that. I'd like to do a snorkel and programer at the same time. Get it all done together.
It isn't a matter of "probably" doing the trick, either WILL do the trick. I know from testing both products.
Quit steppin on your string dude. ;;tampon;;
While the VDI is a very nice all-in-one unit with a LOT of adjustment possibilities, I agree with GW that it will take some knowledge to do the programming on it and the use of a Dyno as well to get it right. Don't get me wrong in that I think the VDI box is amazing in the build quality, tunability and concept. But I'm not sure that for someone wanting to tweak fuel, that it is the product for everyone. But, hands down it is the best unit on the market IMO if you plan to tune it and have the skills to do so.

A fuel controller like a Dobeck or Power Commander offers you buttons to just increase or decrease fuel levels at certain parts of the fuel curve, it may be much easier for a novice turner that doesn't have a dyno readily avalable for tuning. Taking the route of a Dobeck of Power Commander and a DynaFS ignition box may be the best thing for YOUR situation. That's just my opinion.

To help you better understand the interface of the VDI box, I've attached two images. One of them if the main screen when you open the software that gives you the ability to change cranking pulses of the ECU, fuel delivery at different RPMs during warm-up and many other things. The other page is the page where the actual fuel delivery is configured. Although I didn't display it all, the top row of that page goes all the way over to 7000 RPMS. The left side headings are injector map pressures. So, starting with a base of 0, for your setup, you can add or remove fuel by putting positive or negative numbers in those blocks for a certain RPM and map pressure area. If for example you were running rich at idle, you could pull fuel off by putting a -1 in map 45 and RPM 1500-1800 depending on where your quad is set to idle. Map 45 is what is being used at dea idle whereas map 100 is being used at wide open throttle. However, since you won't be using a map 100 at 1500 RPMs, the trick in tuning comes in determing which map to adjust at which RPM level based on how your running. If you are gradually accelerating and need to adjust say the 3500 RPM area, you may be using a map of 75 and need to adjust there. But, if you're rolling into the gas hard and need to adjust at 3500 RPMs, you may need to adjust map level 80 or 85 for the 3500 RPM area of that page. Make sense?

On the other hand, with a simple fuel controller, if idle is rich or lean, you adjust the idle setting on the fuel controller with the + or - to add or remove fuel. If mid range is off, you would adjust mid-range up or down. And if WOT is off, you would adjust that by clicking the settings up or down. Much more simple for the novice or someone that just doesn't have the time to do the other type of tuning the VDI has.



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Ok, that dose make sense, and I don't see any reason for me to get that technical. If I were competing, then sure, but not just having fun and eleminating a miss. So let me ask you this, Do you think I would need a fuel programer since I can adjust my fuel delivery with my stock computer? I realize It's not RPM specific, but do you think it will be good enough with the Dyna fs?
OK, glad I was clear enough. The pod adjustment you're doing for fuel is, from the way I've always understood it, is purely an adjustment for fuel at idle. So, if that is correct, a fuel controller would help you tune in the entire fuel range fairly easily with some spark plug reads after tweaks. The DynaFS will also help you b/c as GW said, it makes the Grizz idle smoother and be a little snappier off start and it also gets rid of that miss in the 25-35 MPH range. I would check ebay, highlifter or grizzly central's for sale area to see if anybody has one.
toys on the way!

ok, good info. I just ordered the Dyna FS. $174 new, free shipping. The person I spoke with said I will see a big boost with a fuel controller and the FS since I have a hi comp piston. He said I don't benefit with Hi comp until I add more fuel. So if that is so, and I'm asking your opinion on it, Then I may order myself a fuel controller next. I didn't want to have to tune to much, but I also want to take advantage of all the mods I have. No sense having them If I don't allow them to work together. I can't wait until it comes in. Now I'm getting the fever to tinker.
I agree with what he told you. With airbox mods, exhaust, hi-comp piston and now better ignition curves from the DynaFS, I think the next step is a fuel controller. Now I am not up on which one is the best of those as GW is so he will chime in later when he gets home. I know the Dobeck Gen III controller is great but I've also read good things from the power commander. i know GW has always been a Dobeck man but we'll see what he has to say.

I have a PDF file I made at some point that gives you the highlights on how to use the Dobeck for tuning, assuming I can find it on our server. If I can and you decide to go with it, then it will be helpful for you. It's nothing complicated and only a few pages.

I think you'll be happy with the Dyna and now the next step is a fuel controller.


I just uploaded a couple pic's to the main album. Check them out. One reverse water wheelie, and the other is a good mud hole, but no problem for the green mahcine!
How's about posting a link to the "main album" you be referrin' to. Keeps us lazy folks from lookin' for it.

Well that's one I never tried on that thing. The reverse wheelie that is. SWEET!

Here's the link for others to enjoy.

You should either attach the full size pic to a post here or put it on photobucket and insert it so we can see the full size version and really enjoy it.

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