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Just want to give a thanks to the makers of Xtreme Clean Products.
I was out Saturday am and got the Brute a little on the messy side. Prior to heading out I sprayed the bike down with the mud guard based upon the manufacturers recommendations. After the ride, the bike sat for a while and the mud was dried on. After a simple hose spray the mud just flaked off with no residue. It really holds up to what is claims. I then soaked it down with the cleaner spray and again let it sit according ot their recommendations. I proceeded to use a light spray to remove the wash. Bike came out great. A quick dry off with a towel and it wa spotless. Finish off the fender wells, bumper and rims with the finishing spray and it looked like it came off the showroom floor. Great Job Xtreme Clean.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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