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I wanted to install a Warn 3.0 winch I have had on the shelf in my garage for some time, on our new Renegade 800 X Xc. I like the looks of the PRM winch bumper for the Renegade, so called PRM and asked them a few questions before ordering. I was told the PRM bumper should work with both the 3.0 winch (if I re-drilled the mounting holes for the winch), and the PRM bumper should work with the Ricochet skids I already had on the Renegade.

It turns out neither of these are correct. A Warn 3.0 winch will not fit in the PRM winch bumper, and the PRM bumper will not work with Ricochet skid plates (without major cutting on the Ricochet skid plates). I will need a different winch bumper to use on my Renegade with the Warn 3.0 winch.

This PRM bumper will instead be used on our other Renegade, without a winch. Here are pictures after installation.

The PRM bumper does hang quite low, and you loose an inch of ground clearance because of this bumper. You can see from the picture below how far the bottom of the PRM bumper hangs below the bottom of the center spar. Also, with that square bumper edge hanging down there it is going to be possible to slide the bumper over an obstacle, and then get hung on the obstacle and not be able to back off of it again.

All that having been said, once the bumper is mounted it is a good looking bumper, and is rock solid. It is a much stronger bumper than the stock bumper.

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