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Premier Trailer Towing Products announces release of Ball Swappers

Ball SwappersTM - The ultimate interchangeable trailer ball system - 2/23/09Albert Lea, MN January 2nd, 2009, Premier Trailer Towing Products announces the release of Ball Swappers(tm), a patented Stainless Steel interchangeable trailer ball system that is unrivaled by any trailer ball system on the market today. With exceptional quality materials and workmanship they offer a satisfaction guarantee and carry a lifetime warranty for the life of the purchaser. Professional contractors, landscapers, farmers, and discerning consumers that have multiple trailer applications will find Ball Swappers(tm) a priceless accessory. With 3 available post diameters, and ratings up to 12,000 lbs, (Class V), there are trailer balls to fit any application.
Ball Swappers(tm) are uniquely designed to allow tool free exchange of trailer ball sizes for the life of the purchaser. Their superior design and unmatched quality of materials and manufacturing sets them apart from any other trailer ball system available, at any price. Made in the USA, Ball Swappers(tm) are made utilizing rigid tolerances using the highest quality materials along with precision heat treating; allowing them to have up to Class V ratings on some products. In the Heavy Duty sets the 2 5/16" ball is rated for 12,000 lbs and the 2" is rated for 10,000 lbs. Offering 3 different shank sizes, 3/4" for light duty towing (up to 3500 lbs), 1" and 1 1/4" shanks for Heavy Duty Towing. Ball Swappers products are available as individual components or value packaged as kits with your choice of post size and then either 2 or 3 trailer balls and a storage pouch. Premier Trailer Towing Products with their advanced design and quality is the only company to offer an interchangeable ball system with a 1 1/4" Shank. Ball Swappers(tm) is focused on the most discerning customers that demand products that perform flawlessly from date of purchase through decades of use in any kind of environment.
Ball Swappers were created after dissatisfaction with how other interchangeable ball systems operate, both when new and after the effects of time. These other designs and some of the materials used have corrosive tendencies that lead to problematic issues with switching balls and components rusting together. This is why when you see and operate a set of Ball Swappers the Premier quality will say it all.
For additional information contact Matthew Hoelscher at Premier Trailer Towing Products at 507-402-5499 or email [email protected].

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It is a great concept, and something I may invest in, but here is what gets my mind twisted. I'm not picking on this product, I'm picking on towing trailers in general. Let's take the standard receiver/ball hitch system. It is using a 2" ball (average) that is secured to a hitch via a 3/4" bolt and nut (average). The entire weight of the trailer including G-Forces produced are introduced to this ONE bolt! The hitch alone is held to the frame of the vehicle using several smaller bolts again issuing all of that force to several seemingly small breaking points! Even if you are using a pintal hook up, a carter pin is used to hold the entire pintal in place! It is just amazing to me how phisics work on this. I tow everything from my 6x12 tralier to 1 ton pintal applications so I know this stuff works. It's just the logic that a small little bolt or carter pin is utimately responsible for safely transporting these guys. Amazing!
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