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Pray for Jacob Hupp

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Jacob was riding at his home yesterday, when he had a bad wreck. At this point I know he was life flighted to Charleston and the condition he is in is the worst possible. I am not going to put rumors of the injury until the complete facts are out, but he has severe head injuries and is in a self induced coma. He races the 4-6 year old dirtbike class in the Extreme dirt series. He is number 22 and wears the pink mohawk.
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Our thoughts and prayers go out for Jacob and his family. We'll pray for a speedy recovery.
:sad2:I will be thinking of the little guy.I can only hope that he makes a full recovery.
Any news? I have 3 sons....all riders.....

Here's hoping that he is ok.....
Ok here is a little update, it seems that the life threatening part is over. However he has a broken jaw, crushed face on one side, may go blind in that eye, a broken sinus cavity. His brain is swelled badly as well. I am not sure on other parts of his body though. Looks to be in Charleston Childrens Center for a long time. He will be in ICU for atleast 1-2 weeks. The other boy who has a last name of Miller (Levi, I believe) has a broken leg and arm at the least. He is in Morgantown.

I will update the way they wrecked when I have a few.
The Extreme Dirt Series will be holding a benefit vehicle wash to benefit Jacob.

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my prayers are with you and your family any racers is like family to me get well soon little man.....#7 donny martin
had his surgery, looking up for the little guy :happy2:
Vracer said:
had his surgery, looking up for the little guy :happy2:
Great news!
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