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Prior Moderator on AC Chat started this site. Here is his intro and link to the site. What a great idea and resource.

Morning everyone! It's with a ton of excitement and a bit of healthy nervousness (first time doing this) that I'm announcing the launch of my new website.

I started my experience here at A-Chat back in September of 2006. During that time, I've filled many roles. I started as a gues, then into a member, then a team member, then a moderator and now a sponsor. During my tenure, I've read countless posts. But a while back it dawned on me that there's a recurring question that continually (weekly...almost daily) cropped up. That question was "Hey, where can I buy ______ online?". The responses were helpful, but still greatly limited to the actual number of online retailers that were willing to earn your dollar and ultimately limited the options you were aware of. If a guy went to Google or Yahoo and type in "ATV Parts", you'll get nearly 3 MILLION hits. Obviously, nobody has that kind of time to sift through all those to find what you're looking for. However, you do want to shop around to find the best product for the best price.

My website now brings ease to finding online retailers (not manufacturer's websites....actual retailers) for whatever you're looking for that's ATV related. You looking for Big Bore Kits? No problem. How about helmets? Gotcha covered. ATV Insurance? You bet. ATV Magazines? Absolutely. The list goes on and on.

I've searched high and low and have not found a site that does this for us. With that said, I wanted to be the first. However, as is my nature, I didn't want to just throw something out there "willy nilly". I wanted to not only make it look professional, but I wanted to up the ante so to speak right out of the gate. That said, you have two ways of searching for companies. You can search via text in a search box OR by a category. Each company listed is tied to a category (actually, up to 5 categories depending on how much they want to pay). Now, within each search function you ALSO have the ability to filter out those companies that don't ship to your country (US, Canada or International).

So, let's say you live in Ital and are looking for tires. You could simply click on the "Tires & Wheels" category, then further refine your search by "International" in the "sort" drop down box. If that doesn't get you many results, then try typing "tires" in the search box and see what results you get.

The searching features work like this. Using text in the search box, it'll search the entire database for any E-store that has that text either in their name or in their description. Searching by category will show you all stores that are assigned to that category. In cases such as Dennis Kirk where they sell a myriad of different products, they may have signed up for multiple categories so it's probably a good idea to check both if you're looking for a broad array of retailers.

Now, being that this site is just launching, it will take some time to get all of the shipping services updated as company's edit or make me aware of their shipping capabilities. Some strictly ship within their native country. Others...just US and Canada. Some ship worldwide. That's the beauty of this site. If you live in Italy, for instance, you don't have to spend weeks or months trying to find a retailer that will ship you a helmet. You can get that information in a matter of seconds. As this shipping data gets updated, not only will this become more effective and refined, but the description information will also become more detailed and catered to each company as they make those edits as they wish.

In addition to this, I've also created some other pages which show you some upcoming events, news (coming), ATV forum sites and ATV clubs (by state). This is all in an effort to get more information more easily into YOUR hands. I want to help build this sport in a respectful and efficient manner. That said, you have my word that:
1. Your information will not be sold or given to anyone......period. This is a matter of principle to me and respect for you.
2. There will be NO vulgarity, profanity, nudity, or other disrespectful words or images on this site. This is a place for people of all ages. Keep in mind that I obviously cannot speak to the content on other company's websites as that is their site that they control. I'm simply the online directory. I'm sure you understand all of that good stuff.
3. There is no login for the users (only the company's listed). No login ID. No passwords.
4. There is no charge for this site for those using (company listings/banner ads are a paid service).

That all said, I'm very interested in hearing from you....the users. Please, give me the good, bad and the ugly. This is my first attempt at something like this. I've invested over a year's worth of research, have compiled over 400 stores, invested my family's money, and spent countless hundreds of hours on the net to bring this tool to fruition. I've put my best foot forward on this, but being my first attempt at something like this, I don't expect it to be fully baked, so let me know what you think.

Additionally, if you have an ATV club you'd like listed, let me know. It's free. Likewise, if you have a major event that you'd like posted, let me knowthat as well and I'll look into it. That too is a free service. I just ask that you run those two requests through the "Contact Us" page/form so that I can have a record of it should anything happen (server issue, etc...) so that I can have a reference point.

Lastly, some of you have noticed that my icon has changed from that of Moderator (green) to Sponsor (orange). That is because effective immediately, I have stepped down from the moderator role. This will allow me to focus more on my family, my new business and not take away from the duties that a moderator demand.

Thanks for the patience guys! And please....use this as much as you want. Pass it along to others you know so they can use it. I'm trying to get the word out. The more hits I get, the more weight it carries when I try to try to get companies to advertise on here.

Thanks guys!!

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