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Ok, I've wired a number of winches and heated grips before. They have all worked and I never had issues. Almost all my work was done on Yamaha's.

Now it's my 2012 Brute. I don't run a ton of accessories. Heated grips and a winch. Possibly a RAM spot light in the accessory outlet.

I believe the winch gets most of it's power through the solenoid from the battery. The power lead I need to wire for the winch is only to signal the solenoid to work. So does that draw a lot of power?

Or do the heated grips draw more power?

My plan was to get power from the unused horn wires up front behind the radiator. Then I was going to splice the other item into the accesory power lead.

My question...which one should i power with which wire and why?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to finish this up in the next day or so.
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