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Power Pod Pro

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Going to be installing a Kolpin Power Pod Pro on my 2009 800 Max. Think this will work out well since I have a Rigid 10" E- series light bar, grip and throttle warmer, and I just purchased a dirtworks system for food plots. This should allow me to get rid of some of the splices and swiches and combine them into one. I especially like that I will be able to use the factory winch swich for control of both the winch and the 3pt hitch for the dirtwork system. I'm also going to do the dual battery set-up like others have done, this will give me two Odessey batteries so I should have enough elec power.
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Nice! Post some pics when you get it all done.
This is the best mod I have done yet! Very easy to wire and very clean. I am now able to use my winch switch to control both the winch and the actuator for my 3pt hitch. Also was able to get rid of the switch and the bulk of the wire harness for my Rigid spot/flood light, just had to hook power and gound wire to there pigtail and plug in. It also has a 12v cigarette outlet that I ran to the back of machine so that I can now hook my spreader or my sprayer to without having to run to the front outlet on the pod. This still leaves me with one more open plug that I can hook something to, looks like I'm going to have to find some new electronics. I have to clean up some extra wire from the leads and I will post some pics
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