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Many of our viewers are familiar with our Can-Am Renegade 800-X project known as Project-X. Those that are, know that we had an extensive graphics kit designed for it by Blown Concepts in Minnesota. The design they did used only red, black and white, With the color scheme being those 3 colors, we had to find a way to eliminate the remaining stock parts that were yellow. Our biggest concern and obstacle was the fact that the OEM shock springs were powder-coated yellow from the factory. Having that many different colors on this project was just unappealing. As you can see in the picture below, the yellow had to go.

Due to the fact that removing the springs from the quad was going to cause us to have some downtime just at the beginning of the summer, which we certainly wanted to minimize, we had a great need to get the springs done locally for quick turn around. The first company we found locally is named Powder Coating by JLC. With a LOT of experience with motorcycle and ATV parts, plus being the exclusive powder coater of some of the local cycle shops and dealers, we decided that Jeff was the right man for the job, assuming he was up for the demands of our project.

What we needed:
  • Someone with a long line of experience and knowledge we could be assured his work would hold up under the conditions that an ATV will experience;
  • A color of powder coat that will closely match the candy apple red color of the bead lock wheels on our quad;
  • Quick turn-around time.
Jeff Cheeves, owner of Powder Coating by JLC, assured us that he could do all three. So, we turned our springs over to him.

About Powder Coating by JLC:
Powder Coating by JLC is located in the Middle Georgia area, specifically, Macon, GA. They offer pickup and delivery for local jobs. For non-local jobs, they use Fedex and UPS for shipping.

Throughout the years, they have had a wide variety of experiences in powder coating aircraft, motorcycle, ATV, automotive and household items.

At this time, the maximum size part they are able to coat must fit in a 48" x 48" x 96" oven. As they are growing, they have hopes of building a larger oven in the near future.

All parts must be able to withstand 400 degrees for extended amounts of time.

Due to the varied condition of parts, and how much prep work is required, most parts must be quoted on an individual basis.

The Process:
Because our springs were coated yellow from the factory and a very thick yellow at that, Powder Coating by JLC told us that they would have to be sandblasted down to bare metal prior to beginning the entire process.

Keep in mind that our ITP bead lock wheels have a bead lock on them that is candy apple red. This means it requires a base coat and then a translucent top coat. The base coat that Jeff used was chrome and that was followed by a red top coat However, it isn't quite as simple as it sounds and our project proved to be much more demanding that Jeff had anticipated, but not at either of our faults.

After spraying the chrome, baking them, allowing some cooling time, he then had to spray the red and bake it. However, although the chrome base turned out perfect, something had gone awry with the red, as if the something had contaminated the chrome base coat and not allowed the red to properly adhere. So, back to the drawing board with sandblasting down to bare metal and starting all over. This time, JLC was sure the chrome was as clean as a whistle, yet we got the same results when the red was baked on. Not letting frustration get the best of them, JLC Powder Coating was determined to figure out the root of the problem, although it made no sense. The jug of red was a brand new jug and the surface was properly prepared for the second coat, yet both times resulted in a fish-eyed type look when the red was baked on. So, a third time the springs were sandblasted and for a third time, the chrome went on flawlessly. However, this time, they decided to use a different jug of red in case that was the culprit. Low and behold, the old saying "third time's a charm" held true. Apparently the red powder that was used in spray attempts #1 and 2 was a defective batch of powder because swapping to a different container of red solved the problem with the red. All along the way, JLC Powder Coating assured us they would determine the problem and correct it.

Overall Impression:
Our hats are off to Jeff Cheeves for his dedication to the project and insistence on making sure it was done top-notch with a perfect color match. Without his determination for quality of service, he could have easily thrown in his cards after the 2nd failed attempt and said he just couldn't make it work for some unknown reason. However, it was due to his vast amount of powder coating experience that led him to believe that he had just been using a bad batch of red powder initially. We can't say enough about the great job Powder Coating by JLC out of Macon, GA did for us. The work that they did for Project-X brought the hold project together aesthetically.

Contact Info:
(Web Site): Powder Coating by JLC
(Phone): 478.319.2695

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