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We are currently looking at one of these tops from Jstrong Industries for our Polaris RZR project.

There are several out there, but so far this looks to be one of the better models available for the side by sides.

here are the specs from Jstrong Industries web page:

  • Removable
  • Easily mounted
  • Black powder coated light bar
  • Lights are triple chrome 100 watt super white bulbs
  • Lights are installed on the bar and ready to plug in to the wiring harness.
  • An extra auxillary hook-up.
  • Twin Sheet thermoformed construction
  • Made of HMWPE polyethelene with UV protection
  • Top comes with stereo system and speakers installed.
  • Marine cover protection
  • Marine grade speakers
Here is the link:
J.Strong Top for the Polaris RZR (EK206)

I also attached some images of the Jstrong Industries Top

What do you guys think?


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That is one bad top. I haven't seen one for a RZR that on the cover, looks better. It would be great to see if it is as well made as it looks. If Project-RZR goes as well (and even better as I expect) that Renegade Project-X, the supporting manufacturers will see good returns on their contribution for us to showcase and review their products.
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