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Polaris RANGER RZR First Side-by-Side to Finish SCORE Baja 500

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<h2>Polaris RANGER RZR First Side-by-Side to Finish SCORE Baja 500</h2>

Minneapolis, MN (7/2/2008) - The RANGER RZR continues to be a force in the 
racing world, this time by not only winning the UTV class at the Baja 500 but by 
being the first side-by-side to ever finish the race.

being the last vehicle to start, Mark Lindsay's team, consisting of Lindsay, 
driver Phil Holdsworth and co-driver Michael King, raced the sole RANGER RZR 
entry to the finish line in 19:49:30. Thirty-three miles into the race, the 
challenge of a loose, rocky incline brought the vehicles in front of Lindsay to 
a stand-still. When it was finally his turn, he blew through the obstacle with 
ease. The RANGER RZR did well through the sand washes, silt beds, whoops and 
everything the race threw its way.

"Being the first side-by-side to finish and win the Baja 500 UTV Class is a true 
testament to the quality and ability of the RANGER RZR," said Craig Scanlon, 
product line sales manager for the Polaris Side x Side Division. "We 
congratulate Mark Lindsay and his team for continuing to show the RANGER RZR can 
dominate even in the most extreme conditions."

When asked why he chose a RANGER RZR for the race, Lindsay responded, "For the 
Baja? This isn't farm work, you need a real machine out here."

Lindsay's team was sponsored by Afraidium Racing, FST, BS Sand, Iron City 
Polaris, Bronco Clutch, F2 Racing, HMF Exhaust, The Lindsay Group RE/MAX, MAXXIS 
tires, TireBalls, OMF Wheels and King shocks.</p>
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