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POD Mod for Grizzly 700

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The Grizzly 700 Pod Mod - Pod Adjustment

Most Grizzly 700 enthusiasts at some point, hear about the pod mod and wonder what it is. First, let's be sure you know what your "pod" is. It's simply the instrument panel on your bike. The idea behind this mod is to remap the fuel delivery for the first part of your throttle range. The factory setting is zero. What this is doing when you raise the value is adding more fuel.

NOTE: No warranty by ATVTorture for this procedure is expressed or implied if you screw something up. However, we will say, this is so simple that if you can follow step-by-step directions exactly, and not divert off-course, you should be fine. Also note that if any any point you get to somewhere that is not specified in this procedure, just turn your key off and start over again to be safe. If you choose to do otherwise, you're on your own. if you have questions about this procedure or want to post your results. Do so in the Modifications board.


1. Press and hold "Select" & "Reset"
2. While holding them down turn the igntion switch on.
3. Within about 5 seconds "d IAG" will display on your instrument panel.
4. Let go of the "Select" & "Reset" buttons.
5. Press "Select" which will then result in "Co" being displayed on the screen.
6. Release the "Reset" button.
7. Press and hold "Select" & "Reset" again to get the "C1" to display.
8. Now release them again.
8. Press and hold "Select" & "Reset" again and a large 0 will be displayed as well.
5. Press "Select" to raise the number and press "Reset" to lower the number. The highest value is 126.
6. Turn the key off to set the setting and start riding.

  • On some bikes, getting into this setting is not possible. We've found some SE Grizzlys can't get into it and many 08 Grizzlys can't get into it. All you can do is try.
  • We can in no way advise you what setting to try for YOUR bike as every bike is different and different modifications that you may have done are a different scenario.
  • Raising the value too much could cause you to start fouling plugs so change it in small incremements, maybe 15-30 digits at a time and do some test runs.
  • Some bikes don't notice a performance increase by doing this at all.
  • The performance increase you can expect from this will be minimal at best.
  • Some bikes do just as well set on the factory settings of 0 as other that may require being on 70, or even higher.You're the only one that knows what's best for YOUR particular bike and your setup.
  • Many bikes that experience an idle or low-speed stall can be fixed be raising the pod setting.
  • If you've gutted your airbox and/or added the 2r racing tip off of eBay, increasing this value could help your performance b/c after doing these thigns, the bike most likely needs a little more fuel to run right.
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