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Pit Bull Rocker ATV and UTV Tire
First Impression

As many of you are aware, we just finished the product review on the all new ATV / UTV tire Pit Bull called the Growler. This is an incredible tire that has surpassed our expectations in performance. While we are not finished abusing the Growler tire, we also want to give you guys and girls a little insight on the other new tire Pit Bull has just introduced called the Rocker.

The Rocker is the little cousin of the highly acclaimed LT truck tire made but Pit Bll Tires.

The Rocker features the following:

  • 8 ply rated carcass,
  • Extra deep rim guards (ExD™),
  • Tear It Up® rubber compound
  • Stepped lugs
  • Over-the-shoulder lugs featuring Pit Bull’s Fang® technology
  • Integrated Sidewall Protectors
  • Gradual sloping divots on tread lugs
  • Stone kickers, high Void Treads
  • Reinforced tread blocks
  • Tire TattoosTM

There isn’t that much of a comparison from the Rocker or the Pit Bull Growler. As you can see in the images, They are two different types of tire which look to be intended for two different types of terrain. We will be interested to see how the new Pit Bull Growler Tires compares to the Pit Bull Rocker.

Stay Tuned!


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I have had my rockers for a while now but have not had a chance to put them the test. Hopfully soon.
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