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Pictures of our ATV Trail

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A few friends and I have been building an ATV trail on private land. Thus far we have spent five years on this trail, with essentially the whole trail having been built by hand with a pick, shovel, and chainsaw. And the land owner did rent a mini track hoe for a week to cut in a section of switchbacks. The trail has grown to 15 miles in length at this point, and climbs up and over the first two mountain ridges of a 10,000 foot high mountain range. We have another two miles to go, and will then be able to connect into an entirely different ATV trail system, with access to literally thousands of miles of ATV trails. Most of the work has been done by my two friends who own Rincons, and I have helped when I can with my Grizzly. This has been great fun, and a challenging project. I thought I would post some pictures of our trail, that is in the mountains right behind the house, here in southern Utah.

If anyone is coming this way and wants to go on a challenging and fun trail ride in the mountains then send me a PM. This trail is challenging though, and there have been numerous rollovers through the years (but no injuries). This is a very fun trail for a rider with mountain trail experience.

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X2 !!! looks like a fun place to ride. glad to see the hard work paid off! i was extremely impressed with the precision steering stabilizer i installed, as i ride alot of rocky areas myself. i believe it would be a great addition to your renegade, especially for the trail conditions you've shown us in the pictures.

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