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Pictures From Ceccos Crash Saturday

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All I can say is OUCH! He is OK now though few bruises and a couple of cuts. I'm glad he's alright.

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Hope he has the frame mod done.

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Holy TURD!

Somebody like Cecco shouldn't be having a mishap like that. What led up to it?

I bet that tumble felt good but it's good he was able to get thrown high side and get out from under it.

Yeah that 4th pic looks like it could have done the frame bend up front if he hasn't done something. I was thinking I read on another board he has a 2x4 shoved in his frame to help but it may have been another factory X-team racer.
DAM! What happened? I missed it? I mean it looks like he was about to plant the nose and then baled??
OUCH !!!! :eek:

Later ...
Well, unfortunately I was not there to witness how it happened. However, I am told that I have some video coming of the event.

Heritage1 raced in the same class as Ricks but never saw the flip happen.
For some of you "nay-sayers" who talk about how weak the Can Am frame is and such, I just found out that the only damage done was a bent steering stem.

This wreck happened on the second or third lap while trying to clear a double and pass two other bikes. Apparently Rick was able to flip the quad back over finishing 5th place.
That is surprising since from some of the light hit (according to the rider) bends that I've seen, i would have sworn this would have bent the frame just behind where the a-arms mount cuz it looks like the front left got a pretty good msack.

Glad to hear a stem was all it bent and I'm guessing that was from landing upside down on the bars. YIKES!
looks like it hit the ground relatively even, with both front wheels. i'm sure that helped evenly distribute the impact. glad he wasn't hurt too bad.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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