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PIAA’s New Cross Country H.I.D. Lamp

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<h1 align="center"><u>PIAA’s New Cross  Country H.I.D. Lamp </u></h1>
<h1 align="center"><u>Delivers Big Performance  in a Small Package </u> </h1>
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PORTLAND, Ore. – Powersport enthusiasts – motorcyclists and ATV  riders – have long waited for a compact, easy-to-install HID lamp. Well, thanks to PIAA, the wait is over. PIAA has introduced its new Cross Country HID,  which delivers big lighting performance through a small HID package, featuring  an internal ballast and igniter. </p>

The PIAA Cross Country HID draws on  PIAA’s race-winning HID heritage (Daytona 24 Hours and Baja 1000), now  featuring the industry’s smallest and most reliable ballast. The [url=""]PIAA[/url] Cross Country HID is amazingly  compact – a 2-inch lens in a small 2-9/16 inch diameter, 4-inch deep housing. Installation is simply “plug-and-go,” without  any external ballast wiring. 

    [url=" Angle-SM.jpg"][IMG] Angle-SM.jpg[/IMG][/url] 

Lighting performance of the Cross  Country HID belies its small size. Its  multi-surface reflector and 30-watt HID bulb deliver a bright 12-degree driving  lamp pattern. How bright? Two-to-three times brighter than a halogen  bulb of the same wattage – such is the advantage of [url=""]PIAA[/url] HID technology. The low-voltage draw makes the [url=""]PIAA[/url] Cross  Country HID ideal for ATV and UTVs.</p>

Durability has been built into the Cross  Country HID, too, with its hardened glass lens and machined anodized aluminum  housing The housing is also sealed, thus  suitable for mounting above or belowa mounting surface or bracket. </p>

The [url=""]PIAA[/url] Cross Country HID can be  mounted onto most bikes and ATVs with the [url=""]PIAA[/url] ATV Sport Brackets or the new  [url=""]PIAA[/url] L-Shape Bracket. [url=""]PIAA[/url] Cross Country  HIDs are available as a complete two-lamp kit (P/N 73082), which includes  lamps, pre-terminated relay, switch, and wiring harness. 


  [url=""]PIAA[/url] has been the acknowledged leader in innovative  automotive products since its founding in 1963.  [url=""]PIAA[/url] products, created in [url=""]PIAA[/url]'s Technical Design Center in Japan, are known for their visionary  design, inspired engineering and quality components.


  [url=""]PIAA[/url] Corporation, USA is located at 3004 NE 181st Ave., Portland, OR   97230. For more information, contact [url=""]PIAA[/url] at 503-489-6666  or visit the [url=""]PIAA[/url] website at [url=""][/url].</p>
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I think everyond with the "old" piaa's should upgrade to these...leaving plenty of "second hand" lights for me. :sign10:
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