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AXO Chute helmet[/b]</span><span class="style3">[b][/b]</span>[i] [/i]</p>
<p align="left">

 [IMG]HTTP://[/IMG]° 3.2 lbs. Fiberglass construction

 ° Snell 2005 / DOT Approved

 ° Removable and washable liner and cheek pads

 ° Shatter resistant, aerodynamic visor is attached to the helmet in 3 locations

 ° Machined Aluminum and PU molded visor washers and bolts

 ° 3 piece molded intake vent attached to the front of the helmet

 ° Molded debris deflector nose guard is removable

 ° Molded intake scoops on the cheeks and exhaust vents on the crown of the helmet

 ° Clear coated graphics

 ° Multi layer base coat color

 ° Pressure molded Polystyrene liner is tested to fit and stay secured in helmet

 ° Stainless steel D ring chin strap system

 ° Unique materials and construction ensure lower interior noise</p>
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<p align="left">The chute is currently available in sizes XS - XXLRG.

 Suggested Retail. $ 299.99

 Available in DONOVAN graphic shown and assorted ELECTRO colors.

 For more info visit [url=""][/url] or call AXO at 661-257-0916</p>
<p align="center" class="style5">Review Pending
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