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Paiute ATV Trail System; -- Beaver Loop

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ATV Torture is now reviewing ATV trails, and this is my review of the Beaver loop of the Paiute ATV Trail System, in central Utah.

The Paiute ATV Trail System consist of thousands of miles of ATV trails in central Utah. The main loop is the 01 trail, and is 275 miles long. There are numerous side trails that connect the main trail loop to small towns in Utah, and this is one of those side trails. We did the trail as a loop trail, starting and ending in the town of Beaver, Utah. The trail is 50 miles long, and mostly ATV width trails at high elevation in the mountains east of Beaver.

The trail can be ran in either a clockwise or counter clockwise loop. We chose the counter clockwise direction, and as such, the start of the trail is at the southern end of Beaver. The trail starts at Main Street just after this brown sign that says "Paiute ATV Trail Access". (Sorry for the blurry picture)

Park anywhere after turning east onto the paved side road. There are numerous parking places along the road, we chose an area after the road turns to a graded gravel road.

The first few miles are graded gravel road in the low foothills. You will be following signs for trail #68.

The ATV width trail starts here. You will follow the tall narrow masonite ATV trail signs that are shown here on the right side of the trail. As before, this is trail #68.

Trail 68 is ATV width and climbs through twenty miles worth of pine and aspen forest.

After trail 68 crosses the summit of the mountain it comes out onto a dirt road. Turn left and follow the road, which is marked with signs just like the ATV width trail. After a few miles of dirt road you will see the sign for trail #67, which turns off to the right. Take trail #67.

Trail 67 travels through miles of pine forest.

Trail 67 will come out onto trail 88. Turn left on trail 88. All trail junctions are marked with signs.

Trail 88 meanders through numerous high mountain meadows.

Trail 88 comes out at a large reservoir, and you will ride across the dam. Right after the dam you will make a hard left hand turn onto trail 5. Here is the turn.

Trail 5 takes you back to Beaver, Utah. It can be rocky in places.

But has fantastic views of Beaver valley.

Trail 5 will take you to 6th North Street, in Beaver. The Paiute Trail map will tell you which side streets ATVs are legal on in Beaver. You can legally ride your ATV through the town of Beaver and back to your truck and trailer. Total distance of this trail is 50 miles, and it will take 4 to 6 hours to finish, depending on your pace. Difficulty level is low to moderate, as shown by the pictures. Scenery is fantastic, and this trail has a high amount of single track ATV width trails, which are great fun. Enjoy.

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3TV ... Great write-up :icon_thumleft: ..... even thou I live in Utah, I've never been down to the Paiute Trail system. However, with writeups such as this one, I can plan a trip & have an idea of where to go. :cheer:

Thanks Much Big Guy !! :headbang:

I'll have to check out the photo's once I return hope ... :eek:ccasion14:
Thanks for the review! I hope I can be fortunate enought to make it there to ride some day!
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