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Outlander/Renegade frame mods

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So.....I was looking online last night for performance mods for my Renegade 500 and happened across a couple of sites talking about frame mods for the Renegade/outlanders. One had a link to another forum where a guy was talking about bending the frame on his Renegade. Is anybody having problems with this or has anyone heard of this? I ride mine fairly hard but I really haven't had it that long. Just looking at the gade it doesn't look like it would need it. It seems like you would have to be doing something pretty extreme to have that kind of problem. What do you guys think?
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This is one of things that I personally can't see it being a problem, BUT there are those stories of people bending, cracking, etc their frames. I've not been easy on mine and I've not had any issues. I do agree those that damage the frame are probably riding outside the parameters in which it was designed for. However, skids are a must for any serious ATVier. Skids are the only mod I've heard other than completely rebuilding the frames and should provide the average weekend warrior with ample protection for the "accused" vulenerable frame.
Exactly what are the intended parameters that is designed for?
Certianly not balls-out racing/riding. Which happens to be where all or most of the frame incidents have occured that I've heard of.
i've read of quite a few trail-riding incidents where the frame was damaged, some say under 10mph, which may be stretching the truth. personally, i only know a few guys smart enough to own a can-am, :: D so i can't say i've witnessed it first hand
If a fella damages a frame at 10mph then yes, I agree, the frame is crap. However, how do we disprove that this wasn't a pissed off individual because he got happy and ran his quad off a 5 foot cliff at 30mph and bottomed it so bad he broke everything? Not calling anyone a lier, I just want better facts that the Can-Am frames are as bad as everyone says they are.

I hear ya BG. I am 90% sure I will be getting a Gade next week, and now I am reading some horror stories on things bending and breaking that really shouldn't bending and breaking. I push my equipment pretty hard (notice the name of the site there was a reason for it) I am just a little apprehensive as to whether the machine will give me good reliability and service.
LOL. So THAT'S what the name means! LOL. I feel positive that you will be putting skids on there. From what I've read that has been the saving touch as far as the frame goes.

You've heard my gripes personally about the Outty. But I'm also here to tell you that it has NEVER left me walking. I haven't had any problems with my charging system, CVT, Engine, suspension, frame, etc. Are there things I don't like or want to change? You bet. There was lots I wanted to change on my last quad too. Take care of the Gade just like you do the others and you should be fine.
I ride pretty hard and I am a big dude...and if I am going to pay 10K for a quad I would expect it to endure the punishment "balls-out" riding. I am not gonna get more power to ride like a grampy :club:

No where in my post did I say that riding had to be grampy style. If I had the time, skill, and desire, I would ride in GNCC with my quad if it had skids. I would do the same with a Grizz if it had skids, or a brute if it had skids.

And no, I don't ride my quad as much as you GW. Not by choice but by schedule. It doesn't change what I said though.

I think ya'll are taking my comment(s) out of context and acting like ;;tampon;;
Sorry...I didn't mean to be rude or fire ya up. I was just trying to say if I was going to pay 10K for a quad I would want it to perform and not have vital ($$$$) parts of it breaking/bending.
No worries Mack, you didn't fire me up. If that's all it would take to get me going then I'd would have had a stroke years ago. It just gets old defending the Can-Am from the skeptics. That's all.

Oh, BTW, isn't the new YFZ450R frame very similiar to the Can-Ams?
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