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Outlander/Renegade frame mods

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So.....I was looking online last night for performance mods for my Renegade 500 and happened across a couple of sites talking about frame mods for the Renegade/outlanders. One had a link to another forum where a guy was talking about bending the frame on his Renegade. Is anybody having problems with this or has anyone heard of this? I ride mine fairly hard but I really haven't had it that long. Just looking at the gade it doesn't look like it would need it. It seems like you would have to be doing something pretty extreme to have that kind of problem. What do you guys think?
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those that damage the frame are probably riding outside the parameters in which it was designed for.

Exactly what are the intended parameters that is designed for?
I hear ya BG. I am 90% sure I will be getting a Gade next week, and now I am reading some horror stories on things bending and breaking that really shouldn't bending and breaking. I push my equipment pretty hard (notice the name of the site there was a reason for it) I am just a little apprehensive as to whether the machine will give me good reliability and service.
Well, I am not sure how often you ride your quad, but I put 1500-2000 miles on a quad per year. That is a lot to some, and not much to others, but I need reliability and dependability. My Gizzly has never left me stranded either, Has plenty of power in most cases to do anything that I needed it to do and was comfortable enough to ride it for 125 miles a day. There were only a few things that I would have changed on it and they were aesthetic. But, my ADD tells me it's time to move on to something else.
No worries Mack, you didn't fire me up. If that's all it would take to get me going then I'd would have had a stroke years ago. It just gets old defending the Can-Am from the skeptics. That's all.

Oh, BTW, isn't the new YFZ450R frame very similiar to the Can-Ams?
I think it is similar as well as many of the sport quad frames. But there are half the weight.

FWIW 3TV said something to the effect of frame damage in another post. He is right with the right physics involved, any frame can be easily bent. I saw a KFX frame get bent pretty easily too.

I landed a quad wrong, never wrecked and never left the quad; but I tweaked the frame a little when it happened.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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