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Outlander/Renegade frame mods

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So.....I was looking online last night for performance mods for my Renegade 500 and happened across a couple of sites talking about frame mods for the Renegade/outlanders. One had a link to another forum where a guy was talking about bending the frame on his Renegade. Is anybody having problems with this or has anyone heard of this? I ride mine fairly hard but I really haven't had it that long. Just looking at the gade it doesn't look like it would need it. It seems like you would have to be doing something pretty extreme to have that kind of problem. What do you guys think?
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I don't know whether I'm riding hard enough to do any damage or not. I think I ride it the way it was intended to be ridden. I don't lollygag by any means but I know when to slow down a bit. How much weight did it add to your machine stray?
So it really doesn't add much weight then. I don't think I need to do it but its nice to know I have the option just in case. For now I'll just look at skids. I know I need em, I just haven't wanted to spend the cash to do it. Beats a new frame though, thats for sure. thanks for the info stray
I personally have alot of confidence in the can am frame. When I ride, I typically do some jumping over the water breaks in the trail and over other irregularities in the trail. Some of my trails have rocky whoop sections which I have been trying to increase my skill and speed through. I'm not easy on my bike at all but I have never once had a problem with it. I am pretty thorough about checking after I ride. Every once in a while a rock will hit something along the way and I'll notice a scratch somewhere but thats about the extent of it. That could easily be solved with a set of skids. I think I ride the way most people would ride the Renegade. I asked my dealer today if they had heard any of these complaints. They had, but it always had something to do with getting caught up on something or Baja Style jumps. He told me about one guy that had overestimated his ground clearance and riddent through a rock garden at about 30mph. He ended buying a new frame but its no wonder. I think common sense is the biggest factor here. Just my 2 cents worth.
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